• How to prevent extension autoreload?

    I'd like to make an extension where I can save multiple sets of data as a PDF. To accomplish that, I have to cache data in a QV variable, and select different data sets. But every time I use _this.Data.ClearSelections...
    Tristan Zinnschlag
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  • How to get the value of a variable in a variable JS?

    I do not understand how to retrieve the value of a variable in a global variable JS. Help me please.   Qv.AddExtension('Test', function () {          var var1;  &nbs...
  • Visualization of Graph Data

    Hi all,   I started to develop an extension for graph visualization based on the Graph Dracula Library, using Raphael: http://www.graphdracula.net   This seems to be an interesting topic. First of all, wha...
    Ralf Becher
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  • EMailing Report

    Good Morning,   I have a quite lovely and interesting report that are very functional, i want to be able to snapshot and Send report to Emails from Qlikview.   Any idea is welcome   thank you
    Omotayo Olokede
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  • Quickmap Extension on Offline Server

    Hello,   I'm plaing with the Quickmap Extension by Briand Munz (see the github repository for the latest version: brianwmunz/QuickMap-QV11 · GitHub). this Version works on my local Computer with local t...
    Tim Driller
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  • Multi Layer Mapping

    Hi All,   I am working on improving Brian Munz's QlikMap extension so if anyone has any ideas please chuck them in. My coding skill isn't great but it is coming together slowly.   What I want to do is: &n...
    Adam Davies
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  • D3 Sankey Extension Node Duplicates

    Hello,   I am using the D3 inspired Sankey extension for Qlikview (https://github.com/brianwmunz/d3sankey-QV11)   I am able to get the sankey diagram to work, however I am seeing an issue with node replica...
    Adam Baker
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  • Help on Sankey chart in Qlikview

    Hi,   I have prepared a sankey chart in Qlikview need your help on Following points:      Be able to trace the path of a selected branch from beginning to end    Be able to profile the...
    sumit kumar
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  • Add URL or Qlik app or pages to maps

    Hello,   Is it possible to add a link or addon button to maps?   For example: If i click on Spain. i want the app related to Spain to open. Is this possible?  If yes can you please guide me how. And ...
    Sachin Nataraj
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  • Access Point Dont Show Extensions

    hi guys,   I have a trouble with extensions in my server, i added google maps cluster in one app, when developer the app in mode web, the extension works fine, but when i copy this app in the server dont work. &...
  • Google Maps - Cluster

    Google Maps Extension with Cluster support.   QlikTech takes no responsibility for any code and QlikTech Support Agreement does not cover issues with this extension. Please review Googles license agreement befo...
    Alexander Karlsson
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  • SvgReader mapping extension now stored on GitHub

    Hi everyone, Several different incarnations of my svgReader extension exist out there on community, hidden on QlikMarket, etc. and it's difficult making updates and pointing people to the most recent version.  A...
    Brian Munz
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  • Is quickMap extension able to zoom in mutiple-layers map

    Hi ,   I am new to quickMap.  The demo as attached shows its capabilities for one layer zoom in with polygen, points, and lines. Does anyone know how to create multiple layers map so that you can click th...
    wallace chen
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  • Inconsistent formatting across multiple extensions

    I've made an extension that contains custom CSS (namely font size set to 20pt). When a qvw file contains more than one of my custom extensions only the last extension to load has the custom css. The other extension fo...
    Paul Collins
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  • Mark custom Territory Boundary from cities on QlikMaps

    Hi Guys,      I need to plot Polygon(Territory Boundary) on Qlik Maps which is a combination of multiple cities. I have KML for all of these indian cities and also Lat long for each of them in a s...
    Ankit Singh
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  • Google Maps - Marker

    Google Maps Extension with Markers.   QlikTech takes no responsibility for any code and QlikTech Support Agreement does not cover issues with this extension. Please review Googles license agreement before you p...
    Alexander Karlsson
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  • Trying to use Vizlib Advanced Text Object to load web pages dynamically

    I have a simple data set that has information about real estate properties (i.e. number of bedrooms, acres etc.). It also has the URL and i want to be able to display the the web page when a property is selected. I un...
    Peter Maclaurin
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  • QlikView Access Point open path in explorer

    Hello. There is a task to open a folder in the explorer from Access Point. It is in the Explorer, not on the portal by reference. How to do it by default or with the help of an extension?
    warfollowmy verysoon
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  • Get QlikView IOS App working

    Hi everybody,   I want to use QlikView on my Ipad. I have created several QVWs which are lying on a proper QlikView server. But now if I want to access those files through my QV-App on my Ipad, I can't set up ...
    Jan Zieger
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  • problem with power tools

    hello i installed power tools 1.2 on a windows server 2012 with framework 3.5. Everything seems to be ok, but qv user manager. I added my user in local group Qlikview Management API. afetr that , i log off and in, i r...
    Olivier Robin
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