• Inconsistent formatting across multiple extensions

    I've made an extension that contains custom CSS (namely font size set to 20pt). When a qvw file contains more than one of my custom extensions only the last extension to load has the custom css. The other extension fo...
    Paul Collins
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  • Mark custom Territory Boundary from cities on QlikMaps

    Hi Guys,      I need to plot Polygon(Territory Boundary) on Qlik Maps which is a combination of multiple cities. I have KML for all of these indian cities and also Lat long for each of them in a s...
    Ankit Singh
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  • Visualization of Graph Data

    Hi all,   I started to develop an extension for graph visualization based on the Graph Dracula Library, using Raphael: http://www.graphdracula.net   This seems to be an interesting topic. First of all, wha...
    Ralf Becher
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  • Google Maps - Marker

    Google Maps Extension with Markers.   QlikTech takes no responsibility for any code and QlikTech Support Agreement does not cover issues with this extension. Please review Googles license agreement before you p...
    Alexander Karlsson
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  • Trying to use Vizlib Advanced Text Object to load web pages dynamically

    I have a simple data set that has information about real estate properties (i.e. number of bedrooms, acres etc.). It also has the URL and i want to be able to display the the web page when a property is selected. I un...
    Peter Maclaurin
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  • QlikView Access Point open path in explorer

    Hello. There is a task to open a folder in the explorer from Access Point. It is in the Explorer, not on the portal by reference. How to do it by default or with the help of an extension?
    warfollowmy verysoon
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  • Add URL or Qlik app or pages to maps

    Hello,   Is it possible to add a link or addon button to maps?   For example: If i click on Spain. i want the app related to Spain to open. Is this possible?  If yes can you please guide me how. And ...
    Sachin Nataraj
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  • Get QlikView IOS App working

    Hi everybody,   I want to use QlikView on my Ipad. I have created several QVWs which are lying on a proper QlikView server. But now if I want to access those files through my QV-App on my Ipad, I can't set up ...
    Jan Zieger
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  • problem with power tools

    hello i installed power tools 1.2 on a windows server 2012 with framework 3.5. Everything seems to be ok, but qv user manager. I added my user in local group Qlikview Management API. afetr that , i log off and in, i r...
    Olivier Robin
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  • Extension

    Hi all,   I am having QlikView Enterprise Edition 12.0 I want to add Python & R script extension in my QlikView. How can I add them both to my QlikView? Whether it is possible in Qlikview or it is only for Q...
    Dhana vindhan
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  • QMS API - GetDocumentBookmarkNames

    Hello,   I have a problem with the GetDocumentBookmarkNames method of the QMS API (November 2017). I implemented the sample of the help IQMS2.GetDocumentBookmarkNames Method and I can successfully open a docume...
    Hans Thielen
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  • QMS API - GetServerObjects

    Hello,   I am running QlikView November 2017 and have a problem regarding the GetServerObjects method. I would like to get information about the server objects of a document that resides in a mounted folder. The...
    Hans Thielen
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  • Google Maps - Cluster

    Google Maps Extension with Cluster support.   QlikTech takes no responsibility for any code and QlikTech Support Agreement does not cover issues with this extension. Please review Googles license agreement befo...
    Alexander Karlsson
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  • Calculated dimension

    Hello,   Im dealing with current problem, hopefully someone will have some idea I got input data like this:     Month User Number of sales IX A 12 X A 15 XI A 19 XII A 11 XI B 7 XII B 14 XII C ...
    Jaroslav Stanek
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  • Error 300 zoomToFit

    hi, i am always getting this error message on the QVServers for all applications. We don't use the Extension and time ago I deleted.it from the Server, however, we still get the error.   Error Message: "Extensi...
    Felipe Carrera
    created by Felipe Carrera
  • GoogleMaps Cluster Extension object works so slowly

    Hello! I'd like to ask a question about the GoogleMaps - Cluster Extension object.   Problem: I've got more than 60 thousand of coordinate points that I need to see through this extension object in a QV app. ...
    Evgeniy Sharahov
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  • Org Chart version 2

    Hi everyone, I recently helped someone who needed my org chart extension to actually work properly and be less confusing to use (the nerve!). So, this was a good excuse to quickly update the old org chart extension ...
    Brian Munz
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  • Help on Sankey chart in Qlikview

    Hi,   I have prepared a sankey chart in Qlikview need your help on Following points:      Be able to trace the path of a selected branch from beginning to end    Be able to profile the...
    sumit kumar
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  • Advanced analytic integration in QV - when?

    Hello, I can not find any actual info about Advanced analytic integration in Qlikview. Does anybody know when or if this should be released? And do you have any experience with Sense and Advanced analytic integratio...
    Jakub Zika
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  • New QlikView Mapping Extensions on QlikMarket

    EDIT: These extensions are no longer maintained on QlikMarket since that is not an appropriate place for free and unsupported extensions.  I've modified the links below to point to the github repositories where I...
    Brian Munz
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