• How can I make QlikView to autoscroll the sheet

    Hi, the title says it all. I have a large sheet and that  used for visualitzation and I want it to be able to autoscroll all the way down and then all they way up. In a loop. Is it possible? I have been searching...
    IT Xeraco
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  • Referencing a qlikview object within an extension

    Hi All,   I am writing an extension that renders a google vizualization. On the same sheet as my extension, I have two listboxes that display data fields as normal.   From within my javascript I would like...
    Padraic Flanagan
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  • On-Demand App Generation in Qlikview without Macros

    Hi,    has anyone been able to implement On-demand app generation in Qlikview without using Macros?       We'd like to run this on access point and marcos don't seem to wor...
    David Alper
    created by David Alper
  • QV 11 + maps.googleapis.com (heatmaps)

    Hello experts! I'm trying to implement a heat map in QV11 using Google api. As in the example Heatmaps  |  Maps JavaScript API       |  Google Developers. My example in j...
  • QlikView extension writes back to Alteryx rest api

    Hi, I'm new to QlikView. Recently the company has a project that is developed on analyst's desktop, and when we try to move it to server it has a lot of issues. One of them is to move all its backend *.bat call of pyt...
    shu tang
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  • How to accumulate? Please give me the right syntax

    Tanja Varwijk
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  • Qlik Connector for Collibra - Data Governance Tool?

    Any one tried connecting QlikView/QlikSense with Collibra Data Governance Tool using Rest API?
    Marthand Chirala
    created by Marthand Chirala
  • Is there a cut and paste to clipboard extension?

    Does anyone know of a Qlikview extension that allows cut and paste of objects and values to the clipboard.  We would like to do this without using the Qlikview IE plugin. Thanks
    Jim Gibson
    created by Jim Gibson
  • Google Maps - Cluster

    Google Maps Extension with Cluster support.   QlikTech takes no responsibility for any code and QlikTech Support Agreement does not cover issues with this extension. Please review Googles license agreement befo...
    Alexander Karlsson
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  • SvgReader mapping extension now stored on GitHub

    Hi everyone, Several different incarnations of my svgReader extension exist out there on community, hidden on QlikMarket, etc. and it's difficult making updates and pointing people to the most recent version.  A...
    Brian Munz
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  • Why the on-demand request  Failed

    I have a .qvw that used extension objects including np queue and np report ,and when i click the run report button ,the np quere get error below: Failed. unexpected error occured during  on-demand request execut...
    myThisRoyal Ding
    created by myThisRoyal Ding
  • How to get all rows in QlikView object?

    Hi, this question about qlikview extensions. I need to get all rows in QlikView object and write them into array "dataLine". Here is my js-code: var obj = doc.GetObject(objectName); obj.callbackFn = function () { &...
    Igor Burobin
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  • Master Calendar for multiple columns

    I followed your master calendar tutorial to get all dates to show. My question is, I have more than one date column I'd like to add this on. Am I going to have to copy and paste the code for each column? Here's what I...
    Michael Andrews
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  • Tinydropdown issues

    I am looking for some web help.   I am trying to use the tinydropdown extension created by pbo, however I am experiencing 2 issues.   1. When working out of desktop app (web mode), the menu lists dont alwa...
    Chase Bushey
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  • AutoRefresh Document Extension

    Just uploaded a QlikView Document Extension called "AutoRefresh".   *AutoRefresh* is a document extension which forces a QlikView document (and all its visible objects) to be refreshed every X seconds. The inter...
    Stefan Walther
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  • Sheetjump Extension Not Working Correctly

    hi. please can any help me.  i have installed sheetjump extension but it is not working correctly   i have found autorefresh.qar file here and installed extension   but i can't find sheetjum.qar file ...
    Elahe khalili
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  • D3 extension on Qlikview Personal Edition

    I am trying to use a D3 extension on Qlikview Personal Edition (V 11.2  SR10) (on Windows 8.1 64 bit)  but am getting the error "Unable to get property 'prototype' of undefined or null reference'.  ...
    Puneet Rohidekar
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  • How to exclude items out of listbox with value 0?

    Hi all,   I'm fighting the following problem. I have about 3000 items in my listbox and many of those items give the value 0. What I want to do is to exclude the items which gives y=0. Does someone have an idea ...
    Jerry Jeremiah
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  • How to prevent extension autoreload?

    I'd like to make an extension where I can save multiple sets of data as a PDF. To accomplish that, I have to cache data in a QV variable, and select different data sets. But every time I use _this.Data.ClearSelections...
    Tristan Zinnschlag
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  • How to get the value of a variable in a variable JS?

    I do not understand how to retrieve the value of a variable in a global variable JS. Help me please.   Qv.AddExtension('Test', function () {          var var1;  &nbs...
    warfollowmy verysoon
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