• SQL Server connection error

    We have 2 QDS nodes, One is working fine with SQL server connection and other throws the following error,   I have completely check the Drivers, registry settings, MMC certificates and all look similar.   ...
    Karthikeyan Subramaniam
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  • Which Action start a Button

    Hello everybody,   I'm looking for a way, which I can with an action press a button, so that I pressing the first button and the second is activated as well. I want not to press the secound as well, it sould be...
    Mer ry
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  • How to assign Maximum sales value to the variable at Script level?

    Hi Everyone, Please explain, how to assign maximum sales value to the variable at script level?
    Anil Kumar
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  • Selective Access for Named Cal

    Hi ,   We are upgrading to Enterprise edition of qlikview server from SBE . Now we have all the CALs as Named CALS. but we need to restrict the Access on the Dashboard . My documents are all in root folder. &n...
    Medha Mishra
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  • load Tab1: A C and Tab2: A C what is the result and what about duplicate values?

    i am loading tab1: AC and Tab2: AC what is the result? and what about duplicate values? please explain
    Anil Kumar
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  • Calculate totals for previous months in a table

    Hello,   I could need some help. For N-Printing I’m creating a document with some tables and graphics.   For my tables I have for different dimensions: Countries, Productgroups, Division and Market...
    Court van de Lisdonk
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  • QlikView Server installation (3 tiers)

    Hi   I have a job to install QlikView Server in 2 Virtual Machines via a 3 tier configuration. I already installed as below :   Machine 1 (the 'app' server) - QMC, QlikView Server and Reload / Distribution...
    Hon Wing Tsoi
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  • Access QlikView with DirectAcces and Qlikviewdesktop

    Some of our users access QlikView with DirectAccess. They use the QlikViewdesktop. In earlier posted questions, Qlik answered that IP v 6 is not supported. Is this problem solved in the next version of QlikView 12. W...
    Patricia Bakelaar
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  • QlikView Upgrade 11.20 to QlikView November 2017 Services?

    Hi   We are about to upgrade from QlikView 11.20 to QlikView November 2017. Our current set up is:   Server1 - QlikView Server - QlikView WebServer - QlikView Directory Service - QlikView Management Se...
    Neil Blance
    created by Neil Blance
  • Variation in the reload time of QVD generator in QMC

    Hello Everyone,   Had a question on reload time of QVD generator in QMC. Wanted to know the possible reasons why this is occurring.   I have a QVD generator which usually takes 15-20 minutes to complete th...
    Apoorva Dhulehole
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  • Error: Failed to connect to QlikView Server

    Hi   What does the following error message indicates?   9/26/2012 7:44:26 AM Error Failed to connect to QlikView Server. This error is most likely because the server is not contactable or that the account ...
    Avantika Thodge
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  • Full Browser Version

    Hi,   I have noticed a performace degradation when the QlikView users are using the Full Browser Plugin, but not in IE plugin or in the desktop client. Are there any settings you should be aware of? The Googl...
    Fredrik Svensson
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  • GetFieldSelections-Function - calculate the previous month

    Hey Guys,   I have a problem with the GetFieldSelections-Function. I would like the Month before the Selection (previous month)     That is my expression: =Sum({<Monat={"$(=GetFieldSelections(Monat)-...
    Lutz Raasch
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  • Dimension should not be filtered based on selection

    Hi Everyone,   I have a chart which has 5 Cpt's it when i do not select nothing, but when i select a provider it narows down to 3 of them,   I want the Dimension to have 5 even if select the any provider &...
    nithin miryala
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  • access denied the server (qvs) has no user cal

    Hi All,     What are the reasons for getting this error while accessing applications from access point.     "access denied the server (qvs) has no user cal"   I resolved the issue with re a...
    praveen A
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  • How to Access dashboards from browser view

    Hi Folks ... we installed a qlikview server with server license and no publisher license available  Is it possible to give access for users through browser with out publisher license?, If yes .... Now i want...
    kakani saikishore
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  • What are the right holistic Qlikview components to be deployed for the best Scalability?

    Hi ,    There are so many components for QlikView. If we want to have the best-optimized scalability for any aspect of performances like consuming map data via Geoanaltyic and loading data from database.&...
    wallace chen
    created by wallace chen
  • Not Able to Delete Quarantined User Accounts

    I just set up Qlikview Server 11 on Windows Server 2008.  I copied the document files from our old instance of Qlikview Server 10 to the new server.  All of the user accounts were showing up from Qlikview 10...
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  • How to create a shorter path for existing qlikview application

    Dear community, I have the following problem. We have two servers running with Qlikview 11.20 and planning on moving to November 2017 in the near futur. In order to smooth the migration we would like to create "shor...
    Maria Kindstrand
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  • QlikView Accesspoint Unable to access it

    Hi Folks,   I am new to Qlikview and facing issue with accesspoint, ( pardon me on the basic questions or not explaining things in expected way) For my problem i have already done research on the community pag...
    bharath ashok
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