• Calculate the sum of a measure based on the value of another measure

    Hi , I got a data set as shown below, (The data set loaded to qlik sense app)        Transaction Date Division_ID Service Hours Actual Cost 2/04/2018 A 100 15/04/2018 B 120 20/04/2018 C...
    Andy Manuja
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  • Save the app as a .qvf file

    Hi,   I am just wondering whether there is a method to save an unpublished qlik sense app in to a .qvf file.   Because, the apps I develop are directly save in a central server which I do not have access t...
    Andy Manuja
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  • Custom Directory with Custom Login Page

    I just set up a custom directory and it works fine with the Alternate login page (web form).  What I'm trying to do is use a custom login page with the custom directory but I haven't seen any documentation on how...
    Steve Lowry
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  • Congrats Sunny

    Congratulations Sunny Talwar stalwar1 for reaching 200000 points on community.   You are a real champion and many  thanks for your contribution to the Qlik community.   Thanks, Mohammed Mukram
    Mohammed Mukram Ali
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  • Error when trying to execute QMSEDX file on the QV server

    Hello,     I downloaded the files from http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-5111.   I got the following errors:     The Operating system on the QV server : Windows Server 2008 R2 datacen...
    Swarup Malli
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  • What is happening with my script ?

    Hello fellows...   If I use the following script I get the showed result:   Script...   TempTest: LOAD * INLINE [     Number, Begin, End     1, 1, 1   &nbs...
    giovane durante
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  • Qlik Sense : Hiding dev hub

    Dear all,   is it possible to hide the Qlik Dev Hub link based on the user ? In the security rule of the stream, the only action available is "Read". Nevertheless, the user can access to the qlik dev hub.  ...
    Johann Choucq
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  • qlikview server time is Inconsistent with qlikview Log  time

    Hi All,   My QV server time is normal. But  the qv log time is faster than it. So what shall I do to make them consistent?   Thanks.
    scott wang
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  • previous day value till next flag

    Hi All,   I have data with date, fund and status wise. I need the output based on status column.   the output field calculation is:   The output column has values of previous OFFICIAL status date val...
    jeevayswaran a
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  • MaxReceivedMessageSize

    Hello Got a task that distributes a document it was working properly until I added a new filed to the selected fields in the reduction tab: I started getting the following error: 3/2/2015 11:21:32.0141064 Error Exc...
    Ali Hijazi
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  • Qlikview upgrade to 12.20 Latest version

    Hi All,   I am planning to upgrade qlikview server from 12.10 to 12.20 Latest version. I have gone through the help section, i found some answers, however, I would want some detailed document to prepare the u...
    Renjith PL
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  • Failed to send response: The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request

    Almost every morning, my users try to get into Qlikview, the access point comes up and it says: "Message: no server".  We restart the server and it works again.  On the mornings it breaks, I seem to see thes...
    Laura Holland
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  • Multiple If Statements with Set Analysis

    Hi All,   I have drawn up a straight table on Qlikview showing our customer names, and the number of bookings we have insured using the below expression, for years 2015/2016/2017/2018;   EG:   =NUM(...
    Matthew Baldwin
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  • Fixed KPI for Specific Values

    Hello I want to show KPI in my dashboard that does not change its values. My table is like this: And I want two KPI one for BUDGET and one for ACTUAL but the problem is they both show the sum of total values of...
    Shubham Ghuwara
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  • What is meant my "Publish" in the qlikview architecture?

    What is meant my "Publish" in the qlikview architecture? Does it mean ready to access in server ?
    Anilal Kumar
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  • Postman for  QlikView

    Hi all! I am tring to deploy qlikview test server and i want to know how to test qlikview apps? What is better Jmetr or Postman?   Postman can be ysed for QlikView?  I found tutorial's but they were for Qli...
    Lobunko Stanislav
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  • Access Point Greyed out

    Setting up an updated server on Windows Server 2016 and IIS.   I've got most everything worked out, but the Access Point is greyed out. It shows no documents and no link for IE.   Any assistance would be g...
    Steve Taylor
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  • QV11.2 to QV vNovember17 tasks easy migration

    Hi all,   We have two different qlikview infrastructures, one with version 11.2 and another with version November17 ... In both infrastructures we have the same .qvw sources, there is some simple way to import t...
  • QlikView Access Point grey out and doesn't show any login prompt

    Hi   I have successfully installed and configured QlikView server 12 into a UAT server (Window 2012) with IIS and it's working properly.   Then I proceed to install QlikView server 12 into another server (...
    Hon Wing Tsoi
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  • Porcentaje de cumplimiento

    I need help with this operation   Sales / Total Sales   Example W27 Sales / Total Sales =num( sum({$<Status-={'C'}, art_status={'L'}, Clasificación ={'Accesorios de Terceros','Accesor...
    Eldred Guevara
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