• Calculating a new % field within the LOAD statement

    Hi team!  Been slamming my head into my keyboard all day trying to figure out how to even start with a problem I have...   I have a cost field for many parts over many months.  My goal is to create a n...
    Matthew Parker
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  • Using TOTAL in trending?

    Hi All,   I use the following expression to calculate % for any given EndDt selected (always one selected value):   Expression: COUNT(DISTINCT Key)/COUNT(TOTAL DISTINCT Key) If I use this for trendin...
    Kristina Stephenson
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  • Using ApplyMap() function

    Hey,   I'm trying to use ApplyMap() function in Qlikview in order to retreive some data corresponding to an ID from another table. I have two tables "parties" and "orders". In orders, I have many fields like "A...
    Hela REZGUI
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  • Suma de columna en tabla pivotante

    Saludos, Tengo lo siguiente:   En una tabla pivotante con 2 dimensiones y 4 expresiones, las dos primeras expresiones son valores de venta y presupuesto respectivamente.   Las dos ultimas expresiones son...
    Migx Esp
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  • how to troubleshoot Mini Chart sparklines

    Hi All,   I have the following questions about Mini Chart Sparklines that hopefully will help me troubleshoot some issues I'm having with them:   1. When you export the chart to excel, the sparkline column...
  • How to write a expression

    Hello All,                   I need help in writing a expression ,the below table as three dimensions     &nb...
    naveen kunuru
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  • Where Clause

    Hi,   I have a question regarding to a where clause.   Here is my table a/a/a a/a/b a/e/r a/q/q a/u/t   How must look my where clause that i get only back rows which an element is max 1 time in ...
    Dave Loop
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  • delete variable

    Can I delete all the variabele in a QVW-document by using a command. I have a qlikView document with a lot of old variabele I know that I can delete them by 'settings' but there have to be a solution/ a command that ...
    Alfred Hamers
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  • AGGR: return values on one line

    How do I get values for every line? I'm suppose to show for each "Portefeuille" on it's own, the total "Portefeuille" market value. The values I get with the expression below are pretty accurate, but they are return...
    Simon Brulotte
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  • Using set analysis + aggregation

    Hi all,   I'm trying to perform a function on a column, but only where certain conditions are met.   The example is a healthcare dataset -- I have ~100,000 unique patients, and I have ~700,000 unique encou...
    Stephen Koscumb
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  • Macro to export multiple tables in to single excel

    Hi all,   I'm trying to fetch all tables/straight tables into single excel sheet using a macro( i can put this in a button).   Can some one please help here. I'm new to QlikView and struggling on this. A...
    Mark Graham
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  • Stacked bar Percentage of total

    Hi All,   Can you please help me for stacked bar chart in Qlikview ,where can we check cell level percentage of total,please find attached image for what exactly am looking   Thanks, Eswar
  • How to create a Index Chart?

    Dear Colleagues,   I'm trying to create a Index chart (base 100) .   The expression "First" work fine for the pivot table but it is not working in the Line chart.   Index table: Supplier 2011 2012 20...
    Leandro Duarte
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  • QAD connectivity with Qlik

    Hi All,   There is a a new requirement in my project where my source data for manufacturing is being held by QAD ERP system. Now I have no knowledge regarding QAD, Can anyone suggest me how can we connect QAD w...
    Aman Chhura
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  • Create a Line chart

    Hi all, I have been trying to create a  line chart just like in excel. please find attched file which include example which i need to create in qlikview. Thanks Roee
    Roee Wagerman
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  • Export to Xml FILE

    Hi  guy   I am using the following macro to export SUB ExportXml set Table = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("TB02") Table.ExportXml "C:\Users\user\Documents\SOS\TEXT.XML" this is the default  se...
    gidon david
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  • "Lasso" style selection in Qlikview Scatter Plots

    We do a decent amount of scatter plots with 100,000's easily of data points, and sometimes the scatter plot doesn't fall neatly into rectangular areas -- is there any way in QlikView to use more of a "lasso" style sel...
    Stephen Koscumb
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  • min of a set analysis composed

    Hello, I need to have the min of this set analysis :   (sum({<$(MTD)>} CALLSANSWERED) - sum({<$(MTD)>}CALLSANSWEREDAFTTHRESHOLD)) / sum({<$(MTD)>}CALLSANSWERED)   Thanks for help &nb...
    Zied Ahmed
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  • Multiple IF statements in expression

    Hi Can any one tell me how to use multiple 'if' statements (not nested,separate 'if' statements)in expressions? I need have a condition where more than one possible outcomes is possible.   E.g.   HeatMap...
  • most recent quarter end date

    Hi All,   I have an EndDt field in format YYYY-MM-DD. I would like to return the value of the most recent quarter end date.   For example, if my EndDt is 2017-07-31, I would like to return 2017-06-31 (Q2 E...
    Kristina Stephenson
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