• field is 17 numeric positions with rounding

    Hello everyone, I have problems when formatting a field and when doing the extraction the field is passed in scientific notation, the length of the field is 17 numerical positions, I did what I found in the community...
    marisol acosta
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  • Load variables from file that contain variables

    Hello there,   I already use the method outlined here by Barry Harmsen: http://www.qlikfix.com/2011/09/21/storing-variables-outside-of-qlikview/   However, I have run into an issue where I have a need for...
    Chase Bushey
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  • Updating in bulk variables used in many qvws

    Hello I have the same variables that I used across many apps that update the period. I have to go into each app every month and update them with the new period. Is there a way to do this in bulk? I believe there is...
    Paul ripley
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  • Expression in table to achieve same result as select excluded on dimension

    Hi all,   I have an expression in a table that gives me the availability of a system, ignoring the table dimension with TOTAL. This works as expected. =exp(Sum(total log(aggr(((HourCount*3600) - Sum(Downtime))/...
    Knut Henriksen
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  • A connector to Qlikview with Asana

    Hi Community Experts,   Can you please share some info on a connector to Integrate Qlikview with Asana.   I got some info on Tray.io connector which can help with the issue above.   Please point me to t...
    Thabang Moepi
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  • Map Tooltip Customization

    Working with the April 2018 release and added a point layer to a map but the tooltip that appears is terrible.  I am using a GeoPoint field and a calculation for the bubble size and what appears in the tooltip ar...
    Brian Bergstrom
    created by Brian Bergstrom
  • Creating a shift pattern flag

    Hi,   I need to create a flag for different shift patterns, one shift happens across 2 days, 6pm on day 1 to 6am on day 2.   I have a calandar obects and input parameters for the times like this   ...
    Alan Farrell
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  • peek with If condition

    Hi Friends   I have developed  the attached QVW file with help from the friends in community. Now I have come the final stage where I do not get the expected output. In otherwords in my data table if the Tw...
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  • Unable to restart the QV Directory Service Connector

    Hello,   I was wondering if maybe someone has come acrossed this issue before. Suddenly the QV Directory Service Connector is down in Production and I am unable to restart it. I have checked the logs and can s...
    tamara ruiz
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  • Max month in month year

    I have multiple files for each month with same structure. I have concatenated these files and calculated Month Year from each months file like Jan-18, Feb-18 etc. In these files there are field ID, Opening Date . In f...
    CRC Qlik
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  • Slow xls load only in QV Server

    Hi   I have a script that loads data from about 8 xls files. For some reason, it is really slow in QV Server.   When I run the script in my computer, it takes a less than a minute to load the data When I ...
    kjh hjjh
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  • Triggers / locked field / clear

    I'm having difficulty with triggers and need some help.   I have a trigger on a field (let's call it Field 1) that sets various variables. That field is locked but when Clear is selected, it performs the trigger...
    Keith Lawrence
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  • load list of file names within a folder

    Hi all,   I have a folder with several files within it. I want to load a list of the files into Qlikview.   The script I'm using so far is simply this:   Load      Filepath() as ...
    Dan Haire
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  • Performance issue - Select query takes long time

    Hi All,   I am having a Table with 40 columns and 28 Million Records. I am just doing a select * from that Table it takes 16 Minutes to load. Do we have any idea to further reduce this time?
    Aswin Raaj M
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  • No data

    Dera Friends,   I have developped a QV document but it does not show any data once I run it It does not show any data. My rquirement is to obtain an out report like shown below. Pls help me POLICY_NO PERIOD_TO ...
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  • Combine 2 stacked bar charts having same dimensions

    Hello all,   i have 2 stacked charts exactly same looking, but the values are different since one is with respect to filter (WSTG) and the other one is excluding the filter (WSTG) - i have done this is expressio...
    Supriya B
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  • Comparing a sentence to a list of words

    Hi everyone,   I have two separate tables one with a list of words and the other with a short sentence for example:   Words to check Journal Description error 2018 paperwork error correction error in posti...
    isaac sciberras
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  • Want to count the custIDs in last three months

    Hi All,   I have data like custdids , date, sales and Prdids so on.., this one custids may be repeated or may not in last three months if repeated we need to count how many times it is repeating. based on above...
    M srinivas
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  • Percentage between dates

    Hello     As I can do to get the percentage between dates, that is, I want to take the percentage of variation from July 2017 to July 2018 and the variation percentage from July 2018 to December 2017, I nee...
  • Help with AS400 database query

    I am trying to query an AS400 database but the challenge am having is that the file am opening has data under a different member.   On AS400 if we want to query this file we have to override the member so that w...
    Amit Deepchand
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