• Hide Dimension on select

    Hi All,   I have a straight table and I am trying to show all the expressions by default and hide the expressions when selected.   I have created the inline load using the field names. I have one dimension...
    Varun Reddy
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  • if then else in subfeild function

    Hi Team,   Currently we are using the below code to achieve : SUITMQLAP <-- text in frontend It should only pick till SUITMQLAP replace(left(if(index(PCNumber,'_')>0,trim(subfield(PCNumber,'_',1)), &nbs...
    Manisha Nan
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  • QVX Load Error

    ,Hello,   I was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with this type of error while loading some qvx files.   Error: Qvx file read error on line 280091, too many columns   This comes when multiple QVX f...
    Mario Dominguez
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  • Sum(x) i.e Rowno(Total)

    I WANT SUM(X) X IS ROWNO(Total) i.e 17 now i want sum(x) i.e 153   x is handled UI level not in script level stalwar1swuehlsagarjagga   thakns in advance
    vishal pujari
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  • Discussion for calculating calendar days

    Hi Every one,   I got a project to do for a plant, they have a challenge in calculating the calendar days based on the data which they get from the application. Some products are set on  5 days week calend...
    Neelima Bushpala
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  • Count over aggr (in text object)

    hello all  as you seen in screenshot x handled in UI level i.e Row no(Total) need to handle ever calculation in UI i want X  total count in Text object like if(Len(year)>0,count(Month)) in text object 18 ...
    vishal pujari
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  • Date Grouping

    Hi Everyone,   I have a column named Voyage Start and Voyage End in Date time format. See my below-attached screen, For voyage code, i wanted to group the date. The highlighted start date should be my start d...
    Dhana vindhan
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  • QV groups in section access

    Hi guys,   I'd like to show some sheets basing on the access group of  my section access user.   I have the following section access   SECTION ACCESS;   LOAD * INLINE [    ...
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  • Shared Bookmarks

    Is it possible to limit who can create a bookmark to be shared? Or does everyone with access have the ability to create and share if it's enabled?
    Karly Krebs
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  • Google maps error when the data is available

    Hi, Please can anyone explain how to resolve the below issue.   when the data is not available at that time it should show "No data is available" but instead of this it showing the below map with error.
    kumar developer
    created by kumar developer
  • Help Getting Even Number For Result

    Hello:   I need a little bit of help with an expression I'm trying to create that will return an Even number when the result is odd by simply adding 1 (one) to the result, otherwise, leave the result as is if it...
    Perry Newman
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  • Qlikview: Line Chart With Daily Values and Month as my visible dimension

    I am trying to create a line chart that shows values for each day of the year, but I would like my axes to show the name description of the month.  I currently have the day within the year 1-365 assigned to each ...
    Brandi Kozisek
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  • How to add information rows to a qlikview straight table

    Hi,  I have a question on how to  add some information rows to a straight table.   I have the following in my qlikview app.  The way I did it was to have two normal straight tables.  One with...
    Arnold Bearak
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  • Drill Down Group

    I have a drill down group called 'Menu Drill'   In the group, there is a field called fmlyGRP. I want to use this filed but exclude two possible values.   I attempted to use =IF(fmlyGRP <> 'Condiment...
    Evan Barrick
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  • Boolean expression for field value = field value + 1

    Hello Everybody,   i'm trying to figure out a Boolean expression that checks if a field got a new entry. Sort of field = field +1 I'm trying right nowto achieve this with: if(field=field+1,-1.0) . Of course ...
    Susanne Lee
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  • Inconsistent expression results for isnull

    Hi,   I'm fairly new to qlik, so I apologise if this is a simple problem. What I'm trying to do is an isnull expression to populate a field based on two fields from different tables. My expression is:   =i...
    Samuel Brown
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  • field event trigger, deselection to deselect another

    Hi all, I have an issue whereby I make selections in a list box (A) and I have a trigger which makes the same selection in another list box (B).  However, when I clear list box A, list box B remains selected.&nb...
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  • Fraction issue

    Hello   192.97297/196.8024=0.9806 VALUE   but it gives full fraction value  i.e -1 instead 1 i want original val i tired in number format no ouput so colud you help to solve this issue thakns ...
    vishal pujari
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  • Versionning on qlikview

    Hi   How can i put a different with different versions  like TFS .  Is there a possibility to make someting like this with QlikView ?
    rana mzoughi
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  • How to link rows in same table

    Hi everyone, I have data coming from 1 sheet. The data is organised by columns so I have used cross tables to properly display it in table form. I have 5 cross tables now.   I then concatenated these tables t...
    Shane Fitzpatrick
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