• Days wise sale input box

    Hi All,   I have one chart in that dimension is day([Date]) and Expressions are CM , LM & PYM   Now sometimes user want see only last 7 days data using input box.   Say suppose I have select Ap...
    P M
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  • YTD Set Analysis for bar chart showing Working day of Month as dimension.

    Hello,   I need some help to construct set analysis. Here as a problem I am solving. (See attached QVW below). My graph has a dimension Working day of Month and as the expression i Sum(Sales). For each working ...
    Retko Okter
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  • Section Access

    Just upgraded to QlikView 12. wanted to implement section access like admin can see only admin sheet and user can see only user sheet. Used below inline section access table.   Section Access; LOAD * INLINE [...
    Shantnu Patel
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  • Can I join concatenated field value onto a dimension?

    Hey guys,   I wonder if I can easily do this in Qlikview? I know I can do it in SQL but it's a real pain.   I have a dataset whereby one field contains a 1:M delimited set of values, e.g:   Indicator...
    Imtiaz Ullah
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  • script

    Hi,   I have to get the rolling 12 months data in scripting side. ( i have the values created in chart- i want the same values to come but the logic should be from script ) Please suggest me
    John Smith
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  • Excel Data Dimensions on Charts

    Hello QV Experts,   I have an attached excel file where a User can add a new product and choose some customisations which are applicable for this. The customisations applicable for a product are marked as X ...
    Qlik Developer
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  • Bar Chart - Grouping Dimension

    Hi,   I have a simple bar chart that counts the number of sales by a sales rep.   Would it be possible to display the number of users with a certain amount of sales rather than an individual user?   ...
    Phil Rees
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  • Simplified Set Expression

    Sum({< Year = {'$(=Max(Year))'}, FK_Service = {'0', '2208', '2214'} >} GrossSales_P_RISK_Monthly) - Sum({< Year = {'$(=Max(Year))'}, FK_Service = { '2108'} >} GrossSales_P_RISK_Monthly)     Ca...
    Surya Shanmugam
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  • Previous Function

    Hi , I want to find previous of monthly value ,but data received on daily basis          Input   ID MonthYear Status Date 1234 Jul-17 Done 7/31/2017 1234 Aug-17 InProgress 8/31/20...
    shweta Singh
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  • Default Clear not clearing Calendar Dates

    This question has been Answered. Keerthi KS Oct 16, 2015 3:23 AM Hi All,   I Have a 'Fromcalendar' and 'To Calendar' with vDateMin for 'Fromcalendar' and vDateMax for 'To Calendar'. vDateMin and vDateMax are ...
    praveen A
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  • Create static column in Pivot table

    Hi , I would like to create a table like the below screenshot where Columns in grey are dimensions in a  database table (Month-year is horizontally aligned), Columns in yellow are static and column in orange is ...
    Mugdha Ojha
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  • Text Title in Chart

    Hello   Is there any way to change the color of the text inside the title on a chart?   I am looking to do something like   Timeliness & Completion So I don't have to put a legend on the cha...
    Frank Cecconi
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  • Hi all i want to update the Field Value

    Please find the below mentioned Query, I need to Update the Extension Field( which is entered in the inline Query) Based on the Employee ID , But when i run the Query it is Showing Synthetic Key, and output is not as...
  • How to code expression about YTD?

    I need to compare year to date, Now I do for 2017 = Sum({$<Year = {$(#=(Year-1), Month=, Date=,)}, } Sales) >>> 1-15 Sep 2017 for 2016 = Sum({$<Year = {$(#=(Year-1), Month=, Date=,)}, } Sales) >&...
    Panwipa Wattthanapranwong
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  • Qlikview and Oracle fusion in the cloud - does it work?

    Hi   We are currently reviewing our Oracle setup and use Qlikview as a reporting tool for it.   Has anyone got Qlikview to work with Oracle Fusion in the cloud?   Our current setup is Qlikview connec...
    Doug Thorp
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  • Remove Special Characters

    Hi,   I am using this formula in Excel to remove a leading white space :   TRIM(SUBSTITUTE(A2,CHAR(160),CHAR(32))) Is there a similar function to do this in Qlikview.  I have tried a simple LTRIM ...
    Phil Rees
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  • Memory issue when section access is applied

    Hi experts,   When I apply a section access on a dashboard and then reopen it with desktop client, the memory usage grows horribly that I cannot even open the dashboard.   What happens?
    Gordon Lo
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  • need to extract variable value for a particular date

    I have an dimension called Last8WeeksReferencedateOpened.   I have variable value $(vAging_Incidents_weekly)  that is displayed along the Y axis as expression.   For the max date I need to extract the...
    Sanjyot Paktar
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  • How to integrate 'R' with Qlikview 11

    Hi All,   We have some forecasting models running on 'R'. There is a requirement to integrate 'R' with Qlikview. Anyone who has implemented similar requirement kindly share some inputs and approach document.
    Surya Shanmugam
    created by Surya Shanmugam
  • Massive Performance Degradation since 12.1 Upgrade

    Hi all,   Has anyone else noticed a major slowdown in some of their reloads since upgrading from 11.2 to 12.1?   I have one app in particular that has a lot of complex/large JOINs to tables in the script, ...
    Ciarán McGowan
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