• Text box formatting

    405 votes
    Need a more sofisticated text box where I can use a mix of font styles and colors without using multiple text boxes.
    Michael Solomovich
    last modified by Michael Solomovich
  • Progressbar when opening application on QVS

    281 votes
    When opening a large application with the ActiveX-Plugin via QVS, a screen "Application is being opened" is shown. Even the server has already loaded the application from disk, this screen is shown for a while with...
    last modified by rva
  • Grouping UI Objects

    268 votes
    I would like to the abilty to "group" objects. Grouped objects should exhibit the following behavior. 1. If any object in the group is moved, all objects in the group move together, maintaining their relative position...
    Jive Admin
    last modified by Jive Admin
  • Listbox: select fieldname should be easier

    237 votes
    One of the most annoying things in Qlikview Developer is the way how we select a fieldname that should be displayed in a listbox. The combobox only allows me to type in the first letter of my fieldname. This help...
    last modified by rva
  • Session Time Out Message

    230 votes
    When a session times out the remote client gets a message that say 'Connection to server lost'. It would help the end users uinderstand that this is not an error if it said 'Your session has timed out. Please re-conne...
    Mark Weedon
    last modified by Mark Weedon
  • Combo chart with stacked bars

    177 votes
    When you select to create a combo chart it is now not possible to use stacked bars. The request is to have this enabled.
    last modified by bht
  • Sorting on a pivot table

    161 votes
    The expression should be evaluated for each dimension separatly instead of (once) for the entire table. Think of a pivot with a month as a primary dimension (sort numeric) and a client as a secondary where you want to...
    Jive Admin
    last modified by Jive Admin
  • Position of Newly Created Objects

    153 votes
    When a new object is created, it always seems to go to the same spot. If multiple objects are already on the screen and the layers of objects have been modified, the newly created objects are often created behind othe...
    Neil Miller
    last modified by Neil Miller
  • Headings over a group of Columns in a Straight table

    141 votes
    I often have the need to give a single group heading to a few adjacent columns in a straight table.   Eg If I have 6 columns as below, I would like to be able to have a heading over columns 1-3 of Qty, and then...
    Michael Solomon
    last modified by Michael Solomon
  • Flexible layout depending on screen size

    136 votes
    Like in HTML and other web-based user interfaces, elements on the screen should be displayed using the maximum space available on the screen. It should be possible to partition the QlikView application into a grid and...
    Philipp Reiner
    last modified by Philipp Reiner
  • Add a drop-down select to see/assign available macros to Actions

    147 votes
    Currently there is no drop down select when assigning macros to Actions. This means that one has to remember what macros one has created rather than just selecting what is available.Adding this would save some time.
    Raul Schleier
    last modified by Raul Schleier
  • NVL function (replace null value)

    130 votes
    Very often, you want to check if a field contains a null value and if it does, replace it with a default value. In QlikView, this requires quite some script:   if(isnull(field), 'Unknown', field)   My sugg...
    last modified by bh1979
  • Organize Bookmarks into Folders

    133 votes
    I have a request from a customer that wants to organize bookmarks into folders, much like organizing favorites. Adding folders would allow my users to create bookmarks for different levels of users. Also be able to ch...
    Jive Admin
    last modified by Jive Admin
  • Make it easier to find reference manuals and documentation

    138 votes
    Many software companys add their reference manuals and documentation in the program folder e.g press start-program-qlikview, in this folder we should have a shortcut called reference manuals/documentation example file...
    Anna Katarina Persson
    last modified by Anna Katarina Persson
  • New "script only" variables

    120 votes
    Create a new type of variable that is created in script and only persists for the life of the script. We frequently create variables for use in the script and if we don't remember to null them in the script, they clut...
    Rob Wunderlich
    last modified by Rob Wunderlich
  • Alternate state for GetCurrentSelections,GetFieldSelections,Selected count

    107 votes
    It would be very helpful If there is a alternate state to be specified in this functions to get the selections and counts for the each alternative state. It will be useful in checking the selections of the multiple a...
    Celambarasan Adhimulam
    last modified by Celambarasan Adhimulam
  • Integration with R

    107 votes
    Qlikview is a good foundation for Visual Analytics, but does not have enough an analytical power. Competitors like Spotfire (and soon Omniscope) have an excellent integration with analytical tools, like R library and ...
    Andrei Pandre
    last modified by Andrei Pandre
  • Standalone Script Editor

    135 votes
    I would like a QlikView Script Editor that could be lauched independently from QlikView (platform). When storing the scripts outside of QlikView as .qvs or .txt, the only way to open the scripts is using notepad or so...
    Shima Auzins
    last modified by Shima Auzins
  • Field translation in "Current Selections"

    102 votes
    I can translate all the interface except for the selected fields in "Current selection" box. We need a way to do it.
    Lucian Cotea
    last modified by Lucian Cotea
  • Referencing dimension values in expressions via expansion code

    94 votes
    When writing expression syntax, particularly in set analysis, it would be useful to have the ability of expanding the expression with the dimension value of the current position. For cumulative calculations, the fol...
    last modified by jvg