Sometimes you have to practice what you preach. Last month I wrote and delivered the keynote at Gartner’s European BI & Analytics Summit, during which I challenged the audience to make some important decisions, and to choose a new path for BI. Well, I’m doing exactly that, by joining QlikTech.


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Some people have asked me, “Why go and work for a software vendor?” Well, I enjoyed my six years at Gartner. The analysts are great, and Gartner’s research remains fiercely independent and objective – you might even say that some of the analysts take pride in their robust dealings with vendors. (One analyst even said to me that if my first Magic Quadrant didn’t get escalated to Gartner’s ombudsman arbitration service by at least one vendor, then I wasn’t doing it right!)


But although I enjoyed being a critic, I recalled the excitement of being an actor. From my time in software development, and later at Hyperion, I remembered the excitement of helping to create and market technology, realized that I missed it, and so decided to go back to working for a software vendor.  But there’s more to it than that – it’s also the realization, made endlessly clear to me when talking to organizations about their BI strategies for Gartner, that the balance of power in the world of BI and analytics is about to tip, and I want to be part of the force that makes it do so.


As a follow up question – and knowing that I’ve had frequent dealings with almost all the BI vendors in the last few years – people then ask, “Why QlikTech?” I answer them with a question: “Do you remember what the BI market was like before QlikTech began to disrupt it?” The market was growing in revenue terms, but moribund in many other ways. It was seriously lacking innovation and was more known for failed projects than successful implementations. QlikTech changed that: It’s a rare thing to find a company and product that completely shakes up a market to the point where the existing market share leaders have to begin emulating its approach, and a bunch of new vendors emerge to follow its lead.


That’s all good, but QlikTech must continue to change the market; it remains a fact that too many people are still working with BI that doesn’t deliver, and they need to revisit how they do it. But for QlikTech to get as many organizations as possible make such shift, it will need to change, too, growing its platform capabilities and extending its reach. The company’s vision for “” (the code name for the next generation of QlikView) sets out how it intends to do so.  QlikTech’s plans are bold, and key in why I chose to join the company and to contribute my energies to transforming how people do analytics through discovery.


So, that’s why I’m here. I’m hoping, in the words of the Green Day song, that the move is “something unpredictable but in the end right.” I hope to have the time of my life.




Image attribution: (Creative Commons ShareAlike license.)