Who doesn’t like pizza? In every office where I’ve worked, free pizza is a great motivator. From a cost-benefit perspective, free pizza every day might be an effective employee incentive!

What does pizza have to do with Big Data? A recent white paper published by CITO Research and sponsored by QlikTech showcases many transformative uses of Big Data by businesses, including a large pizza chain.pizza.jpg

The pizza chain, like most retailers, needed to understand what products customers were buying and optimize their product mix to maximize profitability. Menu items that were unprofitable needed to be eliminated to make room for profitable items (which hopefully included one of my favorite pizzas - the Hawaiian, which is topped with ham and pineapple).

They faced the same challenges many retailers face when it comes to analyzing data – a complex organization comprising the corporate entity and franchisees, and the need to present the data appropriately, whether to the company board or a franchise manager.

With QlikView, the pizza chain was able to accomplish some great feats:

  • Analyze 57 million transactions
  • Consolidate data from 35 separate sources
  • Cover 500 pizza sales outlets across multiple venue types
  • Allow franchisees to view relevant datasets in a central location over a secure browser interface

What I found most impressive about the story is that this QlikView app took two developers only ten working days to complete.

With other BI platforms out there, after ten days, the developers would probably be still designing the requirements for a data warehouse just to consolidate all the data. The project would have taken months or years to complete and cost the company hundreds of free pizzas to motivate the developers. 

I think fundamentally this is why BI developers are so passionate about QlikView. They can deliver incredibly useful apps within days to business users. Not only does that make them the hero, it frees them up to tackle other interesting business problems.

The moral of the story? With QlikView, companies could offer free pizzas to their employees and still be profitable!