In December, Business Applications Research Center (BARC), one of Europe’s leading analyst firms, published a report called “QlikTech in the BI Survey” – a document specially produced by BARC containing headline results for QlikTech from BARC’s 2012 survey of thousands of BI professionals around the world. You can download the report in its entirety here (registration required).

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BARC grouped BI technology vendors into peer groups, of which QlikTech was included in four: BI giants (revenues >$200M USD and international reach), dashboard vendor (focused on creating advanced dashboards), visual analysis and data discovery vendor (provide advanced visualization features), and small and medium projects vendor (used for small and medium sized projects  with <500 users).  Here are a few of my favorite highlights from the report.

Compared against other BI giants QlikTech ranked #1 (woo-HOO!) in:

  • Visual analysis. This is because of QlikView’s “appealing visual representations and dashboards” and “the ability to analyse data in an associative way [that] is different to the usual OLAP analysis tools.”
  • Innovation. QlikTech’s top score here is due to high scores in visual analysis and mobile BI—“both trends that QlikTech addressed early on.”
  • Project length. QlikTech customers’ project length with QlikView was found to be the shortest of all the BI giants. This is because of QlikView’s “flexible development environment [that] enables skilled consultants and users to quickly build up applications. Projects often use local data integration and analysis of data directly so that time-consuming tasks like data integration or data modeling are bypassed.”
  • Agility. QlikTech’s high score here is due to a combination of short project length and the flexibility QlikView provides for customers to build and change their applications.

And compared against the visual analysis and data discovery peer group QlikTech ranked #1 in:

  • Lowest number of administrators per seat. BARC found that QlikTech customers have a “low ratio of administrators to users. Users can take advantage of self service functions and often do not have to rely on administrators to change applications.” Self service is one of the hallmarks of Business Discovery.
  • Investment. “QlikTech shows the best investment KPI of all visual analysis vendors,” BARC stated. This key performance indicator (KPI) takes into account license fees, external implementation fees customers have to pay, and the number of administrators needed in relation to the number of seats purchased.
  • Mobile BI. “QlikTech has been quick to invest in its mobile clients,” BARC wrote. “As a result the mobile device experience and user interfaces have a large influence in the development of future GUI interfaces . . . ” We’re proud of QlikView on Mobile – which relies on the power of HTML5 to deliver a beautiful, highly functional experience when users are connected to the server. We also enable users to create offline views for when they will be disconnected.

BARC summed up this report by highlighting QlikTech’s high scores in visual analysis, mobile BI, and self service. BARC commented that “Compared to other Visual BI and Data Discovery tools it has the best investment ratios when it comes to license fees, external implementation spend and administrators needed per seat.”

Thanks to all the QlikView customers who participated in the BARC BI Survey 12!