All of us have probably experienced this in our childhood: Off in the distance, we see some of our classmates playing a game we have never seen before. They are grouped in a tight circle and we can’t quite see what they are doing. Out of curiosity we walk closer, but we are not sure whether it’s something we should participate in. Maybe it’s boring or a waste of time. On the other hand, if we don’t find out what they are doing, we might be missing out on something really fun or important. At last, we gather up the courage and ask that all-important question: “Mind if I join in?”


That is how many business people feel about Big Data. On the one hand it’s a buzzword rippling through industry like a secret whispered around a classroom. On the other hand, it might be just a distraction from getting work done. The predicament business people find themselves in is how to determine whether they ought to be asking, “Mind if I join in?”

CITO Research has just published a QlikView-sponsored whitepaper that seeks to address this. It introduces Big Data in an easy to understand format and shows the relevance of Big Data to business challenges. It also compares and contrasts various approaches to getting value from Big Data. Finally, it concludes with two very engaging stories of how Big Data, when put in the hands of everyday users, has been able to achieve truly transformational outcomes for their organizations.

We hope this whitepaper helps you with your understanding of Big Data. You can download it here: