As a kid I really enjoyed playing video games (and still do!). Almost as enjoyable was to watch other people play. What made it so enjoyable was to share their emotions and experiences as they tried to beat the game. These experiences often turned into elaborate stories that we shared over and over again amongst ourselves and with other friends.

In my job as a user experience researcher in QlikTech’s product management team, I have the privilege of going through a similar process on a regular basis. I get to listen to and share people’s experiences and feelings about using QlikView. I get to learn what their jobs are like in general. They tell me about what they are trying to achieve, how they try to achieve it, and why (or why not) QlikView was helpful during this process. These are passionate people who hold many valuable experiences. Us understanding them is fundamental to “” (the code name for the next generation of the QlikView Business Discovery platform) fully supporting their needs and expectations.

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To me, is not about technology and features. It is about addressing people’s needs in the best way possible. I strive to ensure that our designs help people achieve things in their working lives effectively and efficiently. Understanding peoples’ abilities and expectations helps me to guide our designers to create experiences that are pleasant and enjoyable and at the same time fit people’s working lives. We want to maximize peoples’ achievements and minimize their efforts in reaching their goals with Business Discovery using

I’m very excited to be a part of the team. Our driving force is designing for real people’s needs. Stay tuned – I’ll be writing more about our people-centric product design approach here on the Business Discovery blog.