With the “Enabling the New Enterprise” theme of “QlikView.next” (the code name for the next generation of the QlikView Business Discovery platform), IT pros will be able to optimize their QlikView environments and offer self-service Business Discovery to growing numbers of users while utilizing ever-growing volumes and variety of data.

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This theme is about making security, user management, availability, and scalability easily manageable by any customer, not just the largest ones. We want to make QlikView extremely easy to administer and give administrators the same kind of gorgeous and genius experience other users get, with several product scenarios:

  • Global Deployments. With this scenario we will deliver cross-geography clustering (ensuring higher availability) and software licensing to support the new way of working. We will also provide tools and documentation to make it easier for system administrators to recover QlikView servers when a machine fails and another one needs to start up.
  • Improved IT Insight. We are re-imagining the user experience for IT professionals, focusing on making it easier for IT pros to manage users and licenses regardless of whether the deployment covers ten or tens of thousands of users, is in a single or multiple geographies, or has one app or hundreds. One way we will accomplish this is with “QlikView on QlikView”– an interface to the management console for embedding a QlikView app that will enable IT professionals to monitor the health of their environments and identify problem areas and opportunities where they can take proactive action.
  • Safe and Secure. This scenario is about making QlikView security management simple for administrators to understand and configure according to their organization’s policies and compliance requirements. This scenario has two main facets: security standardization and support for emerging technologies.
  • Streamlined Application Deployment. This scenario will make it easier to build and deploy QlikView apps. This scenario is focused on making it easier for developers, testers, and approvers to move QlikView applications through the development, test, validation, and production supply chain in a simple and straightforward way. QlikView users will be able to more easily push QlikView applications into a workflow and through the deployment process.

To learn more about “QlikView.next,” the code name for the next generation of the QlikView Business Discovery platform, download the white paper, The “QlikView.next” Product Scenarios.