Business intelligence and collaboration are inseparable; decision making is by nature a collaborative activity. So with the Compulsive Collaboration theme of “,” which is the code name for the next generation of the QlikView Business Discovery platform, we are working on collaboration capabilities that are so natural and easy that people can’t resist using them.

Compulsive Collaboration product scenarios.png will put QlikView at the forefront of users’ shared decision making with four product scenarios:

  • New AccessPoint. We are refining the concept of a “hub” – an entry point for users to begin their exploration, analysis, and collaboration. The new AccessPoint hub will be QlikView itself; users will no longer go to a separate portal to find apps and content that may be of value to them. The same hub will be the place users go to share, publish, subscribe to, comment on, and search for QlikView insights generated by others. The result? Higher productivity and better decisions.
  • Social Network for Discovery. It’s important for people involved in a community to be able locate others who have published content or exposed insights that may be of interest – all toward the end of increased transparency, higher productivity, and proactive decision making. This product scenario is about making it easier for QlikView users to be aware of who else is in the environment, what others are doing and discussing, and why it is relevant. This scenario draws on concepts from consumer social networking such as following, favorites, and likes.
  • Data Storytelling. People have always used anecdotes and metaphors – stories, in essence – to explain a situation or experience so others can internalize it, act on it, and pass it on. A story, in the context of, is a cohesive narrative that instructs or interests the recipient of the story and shows what, why, where, and when something happened. Users will be able to combine interactive data visualization techniques with descriptive text to build a comprehensive story, and then share this story with others.
  • Share the Journey of Discovery. This scenario enables QlikView users to more easily share their insights with others – even those beyond their QlikView hub. This scenario will also help our customers extend the value of a QlikView chart, graph, or other visualization, or QlikView story, by enabling people to see it in the context of other applications.

To learn more about “,” the code name for the next generation of the QlikView Business Discovery platform, download the white paper, The “” Product Scenarios.