The “Mobility with Agility” theme of “” (the code name for the next generation of the QlikView Business Discovery platform) is about users having access to Business Discovery from any device. Mobility in delivers all the benefits of the overall platform. We are designing the user experience starting with a mobile and touch interface, rather than developing a desktop experience and then modifying it to work on tablets and smartphones. Therefore, all the Gorgeous and Genius, Compulsive Collaboration, and Premier Platform capabilities introduced in will be delivered on mobile devices in the same manner as desktops and laptops. This will create a truly beautiful and agile mobile Business Discovery experience – enabling people to ask and answer new questions while in new situations and contexts out on the road.

In addition to delivering all the new capabilities of on mobile, the “Mobility with Agility” theme is focused on two primary scenarios:


  • Server-Based Development. With this product scenario we are embracing server-based application development as the default. Developers will be able to do their work anywhere, on any machine – including tablets. Wherever they are working they will always get the same interface and user experience. Server-based development will also facilitate collaborative application development more naturally than client-based development.
  • Take Your Data on the Road. With this scenario, we have in mind users who need access to specific QlikView apps while they are not connected to the QlikView Server (offline). Picture a pharmaceutical sales rep preparing for customer visits in a hospital, for example. Users will be able to access QlikView apps on touch-enabled devices regardless of whether or not they are connected to a QlikView Server. They will be able to sync server-based apps and views of data with their touchscreen devices before going offline.

To learn more about "," the code name for the next generation of the QlikView Business Discovery platform, download the white paper, "The Product Scenarios."