Last month Google announced the public launch of Google BigQuery, a service to bring Big Data analytics to all businesses via the cloud. Google BigQuery enables developers and business users to quickly and easily gain business insights from massive amounts of data without any hardware or software investments. With Google BigQuery, users can run ad hoc, SQL-like queries against datasets that contain billions of rows.


QlikView Google BigQuery demo application (

Last week we created a QlikView demo app showing an example of QlikView integrated with Google BigQuery. The demo app contains birth record data for all babies born in the U.S. between 1975 and 2004. Users can interact with huge amounts of data in a simple, visual way, asking questions like, “What is the average age of mothers now vs. in 1975?” The app churns through millions of rows of birth record data stored in BigQuery in mere seconds.

The demo app provides seamless integration with BigQuery using two QlikView capabilities:

  • A custom connector. QlikView developers can use the QlikView BigQuery connector to load BigQuery data into QlikView’s in-memory data model so business users can remix and reassemble it in new views and create new visualizations on the fly. Users can make selections in the data and see what data is associated, and what data is not.
  • An extension object. For massive sets that are too big to fit in memory, even when compressed, QlikView developers can create an extension object to directly query the BigQuery database. Business users can interact with the BigQuery data by making selections in list boxes to get just the relevant cut of the data they need in a user-friendly chart or graph, without creating a single line of SQL code.

People at work are constantly being challenged to efficiently access, filter, and analyze massive amounts of data. This demo shows how QlikView, integrated with Google BigQuery, can provide Business Discovery for business users who want to find insights in very large data sets. With QlikView’s unique associative experience, business users can navigate and interact with the BigQuery data any way they want to, asking ad hoc questions as they come to mind.

The QlikView integration with Google BigQuery enables non-technical and non SQL-savvy users to interact with billions of rows of data in seconds. They can navigate through the massive amounts of data to find what’s relevant to them, and to get answers to their specific business questions without requiring specialized skills.