One of the core strengths of QlikView is its simplicity. QlikView is simple to install and use, and it’s simple to create Business Discovery apps. QlikView’s simplicity enables business users to make better, faster business discoveries. Users can ask their own questions and get answers with the simplicity of a mouse-click. This simplicity also opens the door to innovation, such as motion sensing input with Microsoft Kinect.

Kinect* is a motion sensing input device. It enables users to control and interact with the Microsoft Xbox 360 without the need to touch a game controller, through a natural user interface using gestures and spoken commands. I have seen many examples of people hacking Kinect to interact with other devices through body gestures, but this one really impressed me as it involves QlikView!

Project Brokers, a QlikTech partner, developed a QlikView solution for integrating Kinect with QlikView so users can control QlikView apps using their body movements. In this video, Adam Vaughan, senior consultant at Project Brokers, demonstrates the solution. He uses his hands to perform mouse actions as he interacts with QlikView.

Project Brokers did an exclusive demo of this solution at the QlikTech Business Discovery World Tour event in London. Vaughan said that response to their demo was overwhelmingly positive.  He believes accessing and manipulating data via the Xbox Kinect will be part of a growing trend toward QlikView users managing their Business Discovery needs in an intuitive way.

When I saw the solution, I first thought about Tom Cruise in the film+ Minority Report+, where he faced a large display and interacted with the information by his hands. Not only is the solution interesting and fun, but the Kinect integration also has the potential to be extremely effective in places where users do not have a mouse or other device to interact with the PC, and can only use their hands. As an example, think about environments like hospitals or labs, where hygiene is extremely important and users are not supposed to touch a screen or use a mouse.

With solutions like Project Brokers’, we can truly enable business discoveries everywhere. And QlikView’s simplistic user interaction capability already enables this!  


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