How about a little counterbalance to the nightly discussions in the news about national budgets, deficits, and debt? Government agencies are doing more than talking; they are getting things done.

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Within the United States federal government, departments are using QlikView to gain visibility into their operations, thereby optimizing resources and reducing costs. Here are a few examples:

  • Performance and program management. Organizations are using QlikView to better tie program performance to resource requirements. Agencies use QlikView to determine how funding is being used, how many hours staff (down to the individual level) have worked, when a program will be out of funding, and whether the department needs to re-allocate resources to meet mission responsibilities. Leadership can quickly isolate under- and over-utilization of resources and quickly disseminate information across the agency. QlikView apps are utilized by executives, management, analysts, and others to provide a snapshot of overall program performance.
  • Energy conservation. The government is using QlikView to analyze energy consumption data generated by equipment deployed around the globe. Data derived from this application has provided the government with the ability to more effectively invest shrinking budget dollars in technologies that will improve overall energy consumption. This is a win-win; we get a more environmentally-friendly government and better use of federal investments.
  • Grants management. Organizations use QlikView for better visibility into their entire grants process. This includes the ability for agencies to analyze the funding, awardees, and types of grants being issued. Until QlikView came on the scene, organizations were spending weeks consolidating this information from various source systems. With QlikView, they now have immediate access to this information, cutting down on the time to respond to inquiries and providing better reporting to agency leadership as well as to the United States Congress.
  • Logistics planning. With QlikView, agencies now have visibility into the entire supply chain and are able to track metrics related to the length of time it takes to complete the maintenance lifecycle. They can track fleet assets from procurement to transportation to stock components and parts, and can shift assets based on needs.


More than 500 government agencies worldwide — covering finance administration, public safety, health and human services, defense and intelligence, and transportation — use QlikView to quickly give business users access to information and improve their performance. To learn more, check out this recent article in Federal Computer Week (registration required), “User-Driven Business Discovery Helps Agencies Cut Waste, Gain Transparency.”