Have you ever wondered about when your older kid will start babysitting the younger one? Think about the advantages; they already know each other and the “system” in the house. The older one can provide this service for free (or at least you hope they will). This is what I think about the QlikView System Monitor/Server Performance app; QlikView can babysit QlikView for IT admins!

Monitoring app.PNGFor IT administrators, monitoring systems is important to avoid difficult situations. The QlikView System Monitor/Server Performance app is a free QlikView app — you can download it from QlikCommunity. This app provides 360 degree monitoring of the QlikView environment. It provides information on system usage, QlikView app usage, licensing, data refreshes, Publisher tasks, and more. With this QlikView app, IT admins can more easily conduct daily — even hourly — checks, which can prevent anything serious -such as high RAM and CPU consumption, Publisher tasks failures etc…-  happening in the system. QlikView System Monitor/Server Performance leverages all of the ordinary QlikView functionality, such as associative search, visual clues, alerts, trend analysis, and an endless array of visualization options.

The latest version of the app was developed by Michael Terenzi, a QlikView support technician at QlikTech. Here are some highlights from the new release:

  • QlikView Directory Service, QlikView Web Service, Internet Information Services (IIS) Web Server, QlikView Management Service, SAP Connector, SalesForce Connector and Publisher logs are all incorporated into the app, providing a full overview of what is going on with the system.
  • It supports clustered environments and provides information on each node in the QlikView cluster.
  • QlikView audit log statistics are linked to QlikView session information, giving IT admins a better understanding of which user is doing what, and when.
  • The app contains quick links to our customer and partner portals, as well as a link to email QlikView support.
  • The app contains links to the new QlikView Power Tools (a free package of utilities designed to help QlikView developers and IT admins use, troubleshoot, and extend QlikView functionality).
  • The app is mobile ready. IT administrators can use the app from the mobile device as well as from their desktop. They can monitor the system from anywhere, anytime!

If you are not already using QlikView System Monitor/Server Performance app, you can download it here. Let QlikView babysit QlikView for you!

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