I was at a party last weekend and I realized cheese and crackers is my favorite combination of food. The combo serves as a great snack, especially for get togethers. It is easy to make. This is a food combination loved by both rich and poor, whether you put cheap old cheese on store bought crackers, or the finest truffle laced mature brie onhand made crackers. Then I started thinking about my favorite QlikView 11 features combo.

Which QlikView 11 features when combined together will be easy to develop, unbeatable both for the power users and the business users and would lead users to unexpected business discoveries? My match in heaven for QlikView 11 is Comparative Analysis and Conditional Enabling! And here is why.

Comparative Analysis is a QlikView 11 feature enabling comparison of multiple data sets in a QlikView application. It is a user driven feature. It gives the flexibility to business users to define the values that make up the data sets and visually compare them. Conditional enabling provides the capability to define the content of a QlikView chart on the fly. By using this feature, the developer can define conditions to enable the dimensions and the metrics on the chart.

What happens when you combine them? Users can pick dimensions and metrics to create their own analysis. Based on what they discover with this new and personal analysis, they can create new data sets and assign these data sets to groups to further analyze them in other charts. Don’t you already feel like you are in business discovery heaven?  

The combo is easy to develop as can be seen in the video.  The QlikView application is also attached to this blog. It is simple enough to be used by business users and analytical enough to ease power users’ lives. The combo of comparative analysis and conditional enabling leads to unexpected business discoveries because users can create their own data sets with any dimensions and metrics values and can visually compare them for business discovery.  

Comparative analysis and conditional enabling is my combo QlikView 11 features to be the match in heaven, what is yours?

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