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Not long ago the conventional wisdom held that, while QlikView was a tremendous data visualization tool, it didn't really have what it takes to be deployed across large organizations, providing business discovery capabilities to thousands of business users. The criticism held that managing large deployments was difficult and too costly from an IT perspective. People even questioned whether QlikView could handle the large data sizes used in mission critical business intelligence solutions.

In the very earliest days of QlikView, it's fair to say that some of this criticism was justified. QlikView 'grew up' as a tool to empower business professionals - and not just IT - to access and analyze their own data, enabling them to turn that data into actionable information without a reliance on others to do it for them. Fundamentally, QlikView still holds this ideal to be true: putting the data and the analyses into the hands of the business user.

What has changed over the years however is QlikView's relationship with IT: IT is now a valuable and trusted partner in every successful QlikView deployment around the world. Why? Because as organizations began to rely on QlikView, IT were increasingly asked to take a leadership role. QlikView responded to this demand by ensuring that a strong focus on enterprise capabilities was a critical part of every new release, to support the needs of IT professionals charged with managing QlikView deployments.

QlikView 11 is no different. Whether making reload tasks faster and easier to manage, providing more granular security options or providing an ability to finely tune a clustered deployment, QlikView 11 is the best release yet for IT professionals to manage their QlikView deployments.

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