In today's complex environments, we view cross-platform mobile support as a critical capability for our customers.  As more device types and mobile operating systems make it to market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for IT organizations to maintain control of their data and applications while still offering flexibility and support to their business user communities.


With QlikView 11, we have taken the next step forward in our strategy to offer seamless Business Discovery capabilities across desktop and mobile platforms.  With our HTML5 based web app architecture, we now support multiple tablet operating systems and offer a new optimized display mode for handhelds.





For Tablets, QlikView 11 server is now enabled to recognize Android devices and tested to support them.  This means you can access the same QlikView apps, with the same multitouch functionality and security, on the Apple iPad, the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab and others.



Single Object.jpg

For handhelds, we have gone further by creating a new optimized presentation mode for small screens.  It leverages the same HTML5 based architecture as tablets, but presents the QlikView apps differently.  Instead of full dashboard layout, application tabs are represented by rows and individual objects on each tab are visible in tiles across the rows.  This allows for one handed scrolling, viewing of individual objects, making selections within objects, and assessing the results of selections.  QlikView server automatically recognizes touch devices and renders this mode with no additional configuration needed.  And of course standard layout is always available for those who prefer zooming in and out vs. the new tiled view.



So now QlikView apps can be hosted on a server and accessed from virtually any type of touch device through a browser.  Selection states can be saved between sessions, allowing users to pick up on a mobile device exactly where they left off on a laptop (or vice versa).  Users can utilize QlikView 11 features such as collaboration and annotations directly from mobile devices.  And IT organizations can confidently deploy and control business discovery capabilities in a centralized manner, without additional complexity around data provisioning, security, or mobilizing reports.


You can try out our new mobile capabilities at  Simply point an Apple or Android tablet or handheld browser at the site to access the apps.  When you view applications, you will see a link in the top right that allows you to switch to small devices mode.   And check out our new white paper entitled "QlikView On Mobile: Beyond Reporting", and the data sheet “What’s New in QlikView 11.”

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