Have you ever been using a BI app and wished you knew what your colleagues thought about the trends you’re seeing in the data—or you wanted to ask a question of the other people who use that app, right there in context? How often has someone shared their screen with you via web conferencing technology, while you’re discussing what you’re seeing in a BI app, and you wanted to click on their screen—to interact directly with the app they were showing you? Today we launched QlikView 11, which has two new social Business Discovery capabilities that address scenarios like these ones: annotations and collaborative sessions. Check out this short video.

Annotations support discussion and create a lasting record.jpg

Social Business Discovery with QlikView 11

QlikView 11 delivers:

  • Annotations to support discussions and create a lasting record of how decisions were made. With the new annotations collaboration object in QlikView 11, QlikView users can engage each other in discussions about QlikView content. A user can create notes associated with any QlikView object. Other users can then add their own commentary to create a threaded discussion. Users can capture snapshots of their selections and include them in the discussion so others can get back to the same place in the analysis when reviewing notes and comments. QlikView captures the state of the object (the user’s selections), as well as who made each note and comment and when.
  • Collaborative sessions to bring decision makers together. Collaborative sessions improve the quality of business decisions for geographically-distributed and mobile users who work in teams to analyze information and make decisions. Users can jointly interact with a QlikView document in real time — sharing selections and testing scenarios together to better uncover insights and solve problems. Users can share a QlikView document with others, including those who don’t have a QlikView license. A user invites others to join a session by distributing a one-time-use URL. Each participant interacts with the same QlikView app at the same time, for the duration of the session — without having to pass control manually from one to the other. Collaborative sessions work on tablets and smart phones as well as desktop and laptop computers.

With social Business Discovery a community of people can collaboratively create analytics, communicate (ask and answer questions in formal and informal groups, in real time and asynchronously), and explore (explore data together to forge new paths to insight and decision). For more info, please download the new QlikView White Paper, Social Business Discovery: Optimizing Decision Making. Also see the data sheet, “What’s New in QlikView 11.”