QlikTech recently commissioned a research study by European analyst firm Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) about BI. PAC surveyed 80 department heads and CEOs of German, Austrian, and Swiss companies that have more than 500 employees and are in the industrial, trade and services industries. The subject of the survey was BI solutions and plans.

report cover image.JPG

In general, PAC found that the BI focus of German-speaking business managers in these countries is primarily on flexibility, adaptability, and mobility. A few of the more striking findings from the study:

  • 70% of managers surveyed wish for more reliable assistance in data analysis.
  • Only half of German-speaking managers believe the results of data analysis in their organization to be trustworthy.
  • More than half of survey respondents (53%) prefer Microsoft Excel to their BI application. Excel devotees appreciate the flexibility of setting up independent analysis.
  • One in four respondents complained that they have to delay business decisions because reports are not delivered on time.
  • 60% of respondents would prefer to meet their analysis needs independently without help from IT.
  • Nearly 40% of respondents have concrete plans to buy a new, more powerful BI solution, and another 30% are discussing a purchase.
  • More than half of respondents hoped for a productivity gain from mobile BI.

You can download the study here (report is in German).