After a substantial redesign and content migration effort, last week we re-launched our QlikCommunity site on a technology platform from Jive Software. This is very exciting because it radically improves the way our community members engage with each other and QlikTech employees.



The new QlikCommunity platform

For perspective on the highlights of the new QlikCommunity platform, I spoke with Jason Long (community manager) and Peter Simonsen (executive director of web and community). They shared their tips for getting the most out of participating in QlikCommunity:

  • Start out in the “Community Corner” and “New to QlikView” areas. Community Corner is the place to learn about how to use the site, get info on the features and functionality, and ask questions or make suggestions about the site. We recommend new community members start out by spending 5 or 10 minutes here. And if you’re new to the QlikView Business Discovery platform, there’s a section just for you. In the “New to QlikView” area you’ll find tips and instructions for building your first QlikView app as well as an FAQ for QlikView Desktop / Personal Edition.
  • Get social. Use QlikCommunity to build up your network of people who have expertise with or passion for QlikView. Communicate with people everywhere; with the click of a button you can translate any page on the community into any of 44 languages. You can add members as “friends” and easily follow their activities in the community. If you fill out your profile, others can find and connect with you. If you permit, others can download a vcard containing this information, including your email address. And using a “share” link you can easily share any page on the community via email or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Check out sub-communities focused on specific topic areas. Technical sub-communities include development (QlikView Desktop), deployment and management (Server / Publisher / Ajax / Internet Explore / web parts), connectivity and data sources, integration and extensions, and mobile. We also have sub-communities for QlikView Labs and QlikView-related jobs. Each sub-community has functionality like discussion threads, a “top participants” leaderboard, a shared document space, and tag cloud. 
  • Stay tuned for collaborative ideation. Soon we plan to give members of the community the option to submit, vote on, and comment on ideas about QlikView. Positive votes will rise to the top of the list and serve as valuable input to QlikTech about our product.


I asked Jason Long and Peter Simonsen to tell me their number one recommendations to new community members. Jason said, “It would be this: you get out of it what you put into it. The more you participate―ask questions and answer questions, and share content―you more value you receive. Don't be afraid to ask a question or to offer an answer to someone else's question. If you have knowledge, share it. If you need knowledge, ask for it.” Peter added, “Even if you don't have a question: it's a great place to get inspiration. It can open your eyes to uses of QlikView beyond what you are already doing.”


If you’re not already a member, click here to join QlikCommunity.