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The Technical Preview of Qlik SAP Connector v6.4 is now open for customers and partners. In the community you can ask questions, start discussions and report bugs. We are looking forward to your input and feedback.

This release of Qlik SAP Connector contains a brand new connector for SAP BW. The new connector is an “InfoProvider Connector” which supports connectivity to Cubes and MultiProviders without the need to connect to the underlying tables.


The community closes march 21st.

Send an email to insight@qlik.com if you have any issues accessing the community.

QlikView version 12.10 Service Release 3 is now available to existing customers and partners.


Please read more in the Release Notes available on the download site.


Best Regards,

The Products Team

QlikView version 12.10 Service Release 2 is now available to existing customers and partners.


Please read more in the Release Notes available on the download site.


Best Regards,

The Products Team

Qlik customers & partners are invited to join the Qlik Sense 3.2 Technical Preview. This preview include new features and improvements. Read Getting started and What’s new for more information.

Use the community to create, participate, and follow dynamic discussions on this new release of Qlik Sense.

Provide your feedback before February 1st when the community closes.

If you experience any issues regarding access to the community please contact insight@qlik.com.

We look forward to your feedback!!!!

Best Regards,


The Products Team

QlikView version 11.20 Service Release 16 is now available to existing customers and partners.


Please read more in the Release Notes available on the download site.


Best Regards,

The Products Team

Today sees the latest release of Qlik Web Connectors 2.1.0, which is now available on the Qlik.com download page.


The initial releases of Qlik Web Connectors didn't include the beta connectors that were once available in QVSource and so I'm please to announce that most of them are now back in this new version!


Beta connectors included are:

  1. Qlik Adobe Analytics (Ominture) Connector
  2. Qlik Amazon S3 Connector
  3. Qlik Azure Data Marketplace Connector
  4. Qlik Bitly Connector
  5. Qlik Blue Yonder Connector
  6. Qlik Box Connector
  7. Qlik Google DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) Connector
  8. Qlik Google Prediction Connector
  9. Qlik Google Webmaster Tools Connector
  10. Qlik JIRA Connector
  11. Qlik Office 365 Sharepoint Connector
  12. Qlik OneDrive Connector
  13. Qlik Slack Connector


Although some of the QVSource beta connectors didn't make it this time, you may have noticed that we do now have a shiny, new beta connector for Slack!


So, along with the 17 Premium and 8 Standard connectors, there are now 38 connectors as part of the Qlik Web Connectors suite


How to Access the Beta Connectors

There is no special 'beta' version of the Qlik Web Connectors to use, you just download the new version and you'll find them in there along with the rest of the connectors.


However, there are some very important things to note:

  • You MUST accept some additional beta terms in order to access them.
  • There's no special license to apply, so once the terms are accepted you can use all of the beta connectors.
  • In this version, the beta connectors will ALL expire on the 31st May 2017 for ALL users (just over 6 months from release date)
  • There is no support and maintenance provided by Qlik for the beta connectors, instead you can seek peer assistance in the new Qlik Web Connectors' community group. So, please don't go to Qlik support for help.
  • They are beta connectors. Please don't use them in production!


Why do they Expire?

We wanted to make the beta connectors as accessible to as many Qlik users as we could, but we had to strike a balance to ensure that in the future we aren't finding beta connectors being used that have been updated many times over and/or available to subscribe to.


Hence we decided to use an expiry date. To use them past this date, just download the latest version at the time.


How the Betas Expiring Impacts the Use of Other Connectors

The beta connectors' expiry date has been set to the same expiry date already used in Qlik Web Connectors that affects those using just Standard Connectors. So, if you only use Standard Connectors, you need to update anyway.


If you subscribe to any Premium Connectors, they will continue to work up until their subscribed-to expiry date and will not be affected by the beta connectors expiring. However, if you wish to continue to use the beta connectors past their expiry date, you will still need to download the latest version at the time.


Reminder for Current Users of Only Standard Connectors

As a reminder, if you are using Qlik Web Connectors 2.0.0 or 2.0.1 and only the Standard Connectors, they will expire on 31-Jan-2017, so you've just over 2 months to update! Again, this doesn't affect those using any licensed Premium Connectors.


Please see the release notes, also on the download site, for full details.


Help can be found here:



We hope you continue to enjoy using the Qlik Web Connectors and please join the new community group, where you can provide us with feedback on the product, any of the connectors, seek assistance with the beta connectors or exchange ideas and solutions with other users.



The Web Connector Team

Join the Qlik Community for Advanced Analytics Extensions, which is open for all customers and partners. Now you can leverage advanced analytics, including R and Python, from within your Qlik app. Your results are interactive based on selections made in the Qlik interface. And the visualization capabilities are superior to what is native to typical data science applications.



Send an email to insight@qlik.com if you have any issues accessing the community.



We have now released an updated version of our SAP Certified connector.


The big news in this release is the addition of a new connector which has native support for Qlik Sense 3.0 and higher. The BEx connector enables a user to self serve against pre-defined SAP BEx queries, now for both QlikView and Qlik Sense.


Some additional features include:



  • The BEx Connector is now available in Qlik Sense.
  • New functionality to delete records from the Qlik database tables in the background. It is suitable

to use when deleting large number of records. Please see the online help for detailed information.

Extractor Connector

  • SAP Extractor Connector cancels an SAP extraction job when the corresponding connector Please see the online help for detailed information.
  • The SAP Extractor Connector discovers and prevents multiple Services from pointing to the same SAP system.

BEx Connector

  • The BEx Connector performs a consistency check when a query is performed. If the query contains errors, an error message is displayed. The check is also performed at reload before the query is extracted to avoid a dump in SAP.
  • A validity check is performed for each Characteristic Value used.
  • Because the Bex Connector .exe file has been renamed from QvBexConnector.exe to

QvSAPBexConnector.exe, scripts must be changed when they are moved to the new connector. Either edit the connection strings or create new strings.

The release is available today from the product download page.

Many thanks

The Products Team.


All customers and partners are welcome to join us in the QlikView 12.10 Technical Preview.

This release is focusing on Enterprise scalability features including improvements to QVS cluster scalability and performance, support for unbalanced QVS cluster, scalability in AccessPoint, Publisher load balancing and high load improvements. Read more news in the community.

The preview is open now and will be closing September 23rd please provide your feedback before that date.

If you are experiencing any issues accessing the community email us at insight@qlik.com.

Please join Qlik in providing feedback on NPrinting 17.2 In addition to the On-Demand feature, version 17.2 also includes reporting APIs and Japanese language support. The rest of the release has been dedicated to quality and stability improvements, particularly with Qlik Sense reports.”


All documents and installers can be found in the community NPrinting 17.2

This preview is open from September 9th - September 20th so please review when you have a moment.

If you are experiencing any issues accessing the community please email us at insight@qlik.comfor further assistance.


QlikView version 12.00 Service Release 5 is now available to existing customers and partners.


Please read more in the Release Notes available on the download site.


Best Regards,

The Products Team


Qlik Products team invites you to provide your feedback on the enigma.js library and Leonardo UI - reusable UI components to ensure we are meeting your requirements.


  • enigma.js is a JavaScript library that communicates with Qlik Sense backend services. The first version is heavily focused on consuming the Engine API, known as the QIX. The library can be used in both browser and Node.js environments.
  • Leonardo UI is the library used for all major UI components in the Qlik Sense client. It contains markup and CSS for reusable components such as buttons, input fields, lists and dialogs. The components in this library are a large part in what the user perceives as the look & feel of the Qlik Sense product. It's similar to other UI component libraries (like Twitter Bootstrap) but has been designed as a less obtrusive library than most others and does not modify any existing elements on a page.


To join the Technical Preview, please check out the Qlik Product Insight area.


Contribute now, we are only open until Aug 15th!


If you are experiencing any issues accessing the Technical Preview, please email us at insight@qlik.com for further assistance.


See you online!!!!

You can now download Qlik Sense 3.0 SR1 from the download site.  Release notes covering the fixed issues are attached to this post.


Please note that we are only delivering a complete installer with this SR. We are not including an update install.  The complete installer will run against any prior version of Qlik Sense and replace the installation with a Qlik Sense 3.0.1 installation, ensuring that all data is migrated to this new version.


Thank you for your continued support




The goal of this survey is to gather your thoughts and opinions on the Qlik Sense Feature Release Cadence in order to ensure that it meets your organizations requirements for innovation as well as lowers the risk of implementation.


Qlik Sense Release Cadence Survey

Contribute now, the survey is only open till July 20th.

Darren Ball

Qlik Web Connectors 2.0.1

Posted by Darren Ball Jul 13, 2016

The start of July saw the launch of Qlik® Web Connectors 2.0.0 - the release of the QVSource portfolio within the Qlik Connectors™ product suite. These connectors are now delivered and sold as additional Qlik products for both QlikView® and Qlik Sense®.


Now Qlik offers pre-configured connectors to many social media and cloud-based data sources!  Qlik Web Connectors can help our customers increase the value of their existing Qlik deployment by gaining up-to-date insight into these increasingly valuable sources of marketing, sales and support information

Today we released the latest version of Qlik Web Connectors - 2.0.1, which is now available on the Qlik.com download page.


Please see the release notes for full details.


Help can be found here: http://help.qlik.com/en-US/connectors/Subsystems/Web_Connectors_help/Content/2.0/Introduction/Introduction.htm


This service release had a few minor fixes, but most notably sees the reintroduction of the Google AdWords and Klout connectors, which had to be omitted from the first release.


If you are an existing QVSource customer and use the Google AdWords connector, please refer to the release notes as you will need to upgrade from QVSource to Qlik Web Connectors by the 29th August 2016. As part of the transfer from Industrial Codebox to Qlik, the key in QVSource's Google AdWords connector will stop working and your Qlik applications that use it, will not reload new data.



The Web Connector Team

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