This is just a friendly reminder that support for QlikView version 8.X will expire at the end of May 2011.

Version 8.0 was first shipped in May 2007, with version 8.20 released in November 2007 and version 8.50 released in June 2008. QlikTech's current support policy is to provide support for a major version for 2 years after it is replaced by the next major version. With version 9 coming out in May 2009 the clock started ticking on version 8 support, and this will run out soon.

You can download the installation files for version 9 or 10 from our download site. We strongly recommend that you follow industry best practices when changing or upgrading any software!

Version 8 has been a fantastic tool. We will be sorry to close this chapter of QlikView history and would like to thank our customers for all their support.

QlikView Global Support