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Hello Qlik Community Members,


I'm sure you noticed our scheduled maintenance window last week and again yesterday. Apologies for the extended outages which we know impact your collaboration and research schedule. These outages were part of a large platform version upgrade project and we did our best to minimize them as much as possible. Qlik Community is now on a newer version of the platform which has some great enhancements to improve user experience as well as fixes for some minor bugs.


Post Upgrade Tips

Please be sure to clear your browser cache and cookies to refresh the community interface. You may want to also log out and log back in. We have tested in all of the primary browsers (Chrome™, Firefox®, Safari® and Internet Explorer®) to ensure the updates are rendering correctly.


For the best experience you should always use the most recent version of your browser which contains extensions, updates, and plugins to help ensure you have the proper experience with loading time, content posting, and video display.

Profile Page

The profile page has been redesigned to be more engaging with larger images, centralized editing, and access to different types of content.

new profile page.jpg

Profile image and details are next to an enhanced image carousel.  The Profile Biography, Connections, and Self Assigned Skills (NEW) are easy to see and update.


Recent Activity displays your Status Update (NEW), Contacts, Featured Content, Recent Places, and different types of content streams.



People and Content Filtering has been improved and now allows dual filtering for a more refined search. You can search for content status, assignment, and activity level in specific areas or across the whole Community.


You can also change the display from 'pane' to 'list' style depending on your preference.

new filtering.jpg


We will be posting additional tips in the coming weeks to help you utilize more of the updated features.

Be sure to check your profile information, bookmarks, and content to ensure everything is correct.

If you have questions, issues, or feedback please email sara.leslie@qlik.com


Best Regards,

Qlik Community Management Team

Hello Qlik Community Members,


We have just installed some new profile icons to help identify specific members of the community more easily.


You can see the icon next to the member’s avatar and on their profile page. If you mouse over the icon a brief descriptor will also display for you.


Here are the new icons and their descriptors.

new icons c.jpg

new icons b.jpg


Visual call outs for specific community members such as our Employee’s and Support team member help give a little more context to the resources they post and their responses to discussion threads. Members who are official Qlik Partners and Luminary program members also have new icons.


It’s always a good idea to follow and friend these types of members so you receive alerts for new content and have more opportunities to collaborate with Qlik experts.


Thanks for your participation in Qlik Community!

Hello Qlik Community Members,


Apologies for the Community down time today! We had a planned maintenance window early this morning and the vendor encountered some issues which required additional time to resolve.


We are very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. We do NOT have any planned outages over the coming weeks so your collaboration should be uninterrupted.


Have a great week!


-The Qlik Community Team

We are eliciting feedback for our NEW website redesign.  If you are a Customer who researched information on Qlik.com and were the decision maker on purchasing a Qlik product in the last two years, we would LOVE to speak with you!  In return we are offering a $50 Amazon gift card.


If you would like to participate, please send an email to alexia.neves@qlik.com with the following:

  • First and Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Preferred Email
  • Date of Purchase
  • Product Purchased
  • A brief summary of your research experience on Qlik.com (1-2 brief paragraphs)
  • Where did you receiving pricing information?  A Partner, Qlik or other?


Once we review the information, a Qlik representative will reach out to you to schedule a 30-45 minute phone interview at a time that is convenient for you.  After the interview we will send your Amazon gift card.


If you are NOT a Qlik Customer but would still like to provide feedback, please click on the below link to fill out our survey on your experience with Qlik.

Survey:qlik.com Web Survey

Hello Community Members,

We are happy to announce the addition of new community forums to help support growing activity for Qlik Sense users. The structure for the new forum areas is designed to be simple and similar to the existing areas for easy navigation.


We would also like to introduce the subject matter experts for the Qlik Sense Forums and Resource Library. Both of them are long term Qlikkies and already very active in Qlik Community.

Michael Tarallo

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Qlik

mike tarallo.png

Michael has over 16 years of Business Intelligence and Data Integration experience covering both proprietary and open source BI solutions. He is responsible for a broad spectrum of Product Marketing and Sales Enablement activities, including building close relationships with our Qlik Community members and providing them with the valuable resources needed to get started with Qlik products. Mike is an avid video gamer, health nut, do-it-yourselfer and all around family guy. In his spare time he loves to dabble in video editing and movie making.


Josh Good

Director of Product Marketing, Qlik

josh good.png

Josh has been with Qlik for 4 years where he has held positions in presales and most recently Product Marketing.  As a presales consultant he was a key member of innovating Qlik's go to market through inside sales.  He is now focused on continuing to innovate Qlik's go-to market via a freemium model. Prior to Qlik, Josh lead business intelligence and analytics projects at a premium outdoor clothing company.  He also has experience in government acquisition and biomechanical research.  Josh holds a bachelor's of Applied Science and a Master's of Science from Queen's University.  In his spare time, Josh is an avid skier, mountain biker and sea kayaker.


If you haven't already please take a minute to visit the new Qlik Sense Forums and Resource Library and learn more about the product and collaborate with other users. 


Best Regards,

Qlik Community Management

We are pleased to let you know that the Qlik Luminary Program nomination window for the Class of 2015 is now open, and nominations are being accepted until November 30, 2014.

luminary 2015.png

Find out about the program and benefits, and the eligibility criteria, on the program website, where the Class of 2015 nomination form can also be found.  The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Terms & Conditions documents both provide more details about the program, and how to become a Qlik Luminary.


Qlik Luminary accreditation is retrospective and recognises public advocacy and evangelism of Qlik products and technologies over the last 12 months. It places no obligation on the nominee for the future.




If you have any questions, please email qlikluminaryprogram@qlik.com

Hello Qlik Community Members,


We are in the process of redesigning our Ideas area, the review process and how we gather and use the very valuable information you share with us. The Ideas area, submit an idea and review/voting on others ideas will be closing for the near future but we will preserve and save a copy of all of your submitted ideas, comments and votes. You will not lose any points or mission badges from this but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.


Best Regards,

Qlik Community Management Team

Submit your abstract for consideration today

We are pleased to announce that the Qlik Conference 2014 will be held from Monday, November 17 through Thursday, November 20, 2014 at the beautiful Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida. This event will provide a wide range of options that will ensure that all attendees maximize their time and investment.  The conference will include keynote speakers, Qlik subject matter expert presentations, a Partner Showcase and multiple opportunities to network and have some fun with old and new friends. It will also feature session tracks that highlight our customers’ experience, expertise and success with QlikView.

Our Call for Speakers is now open and we urge you to engage.  Your peers are interested to know what you have discovered and how you are solving business problems with QlikView.  We are leaving the topics up to you, but here are some ideas for your consideration:

  • Use cases by industry including healthcare, life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, high tech, and retail.
  • Details on how you are making business decisions leveraging data and analytics in your company
  • Technical talks regarding deployment strategies, growth strategies, and application and development
  • How you are creating a culture in your organization of asking questions and making decisions around data
  • Industry leading dashboard design
  • Communicating with your executives using  data stories
  • Any talk track that you think your peers will appreciate and learn from


We will be accepting submissions on a rolling basis. For best chance of selection, we encourage you to submit early. The call will close on May 16 and selection decisions will be communicated by May 23. The submission form will allow you to submit your session abstract and screenshots of sample dashboards.  Special consideration will be given to those submissions that include real-world examples of QlikView in use.

Customers who are selected to speak at the Qlik Conference 2014 will receive a complimentary conference pass.  Only one complimentary pass will be provided per session.


Submit your abstract today for consideration.




For all questions on customer speaker submission, please email: Donna.Edwards@qlik.com

You may have noticed that we updated the look of Qlik Community over the weekend. This was part of a larger digital presence overhaul to refresh and synchronize our online brand. You will notice that Qlik Community is two words and we have included our logo on the persistent banner. There were no functionality updates so you should not experience any difference performance, loss of content, bookmarks etc.


We hope you like like this updated and fresher visual experience.

Best Regards, The Qlik Community Management Team

Hello Community Members,

Our Top Contributors listing wasn't rendering correctly after recent community updates and we needed to incorporate some fixes to improve the character display. We have finished the revisions and you can now find it on the QlikCommunity Home page along with other areas in the community.


The Top Contributors ranking applies to the area you are visiting.


The QlikCommunity Home page Top Contributors ranking would apply to all community members.  When this is displayed in other areas of the community such as individual discussion forums, user groups and the resource library it would apply to the members most active in that area.


On the QlikCommunity Home page you can also view My Rank which shows your overall community ranking along with other members who are close to you in points.


Top Contributors image.jpg

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our top contributors who spend a lot of time helping other members and posting valuable content.


If you are new to QlkCommunity it’s a great idea to follow your favorite top contributors to get updates on fresh content and hot topics.



Please join me in welcoming our newest QlikCommunity team member Carlos Rodriguez.

Carlos Blog Image #1.jpg


Carlos brings a wealth of experience to his role as our QlikCommunity Administrator and will also manage assorted community projects, custom coding, bug tracking, platform enhancements and assisting with moderation when needed.


Carlos was a founding director at a B2B social networking application provider and has over 10 years’ experience working with technology solutions and online communities. In previous companies he wore many hats across the business including marketing, solutions architecture and presales support. He has helped dozens of teams design creative and innovative online communities customized to their specific use cases and really understands the needs of different users.


Carlos is originally from Boulder, Colorado and has a Masters from the University of Colorado (Go Buffs!) and has now settled down in Havertown, Pennsylvania. He has been an avid social networking user since 1995 when he started a Ska band and started joining music newsgroups to collaborate online with other musicians & Ska enthusiasts. He really enjoyed how he could learn about and then become an online expert in various topics of interest- from creating his own home theater system to learning how to build his own computers -- initially Windows, then “hackintosh” Macintosh systems.


On a personal level he loves to cook (grilling meat is a specialty), growing vegetables including naga morich (ghost peppers), shooting photographs, and travelling.  His music interests are pretty broad, from opera to reggae, vintage Hawaiian to jazz.

We are very excited to welcome Carlos to the team and feel that his expertise and vision will help QlikCommunity continue to grow and offer innovative solutions.


I also want to take a minute to introduce Samantha Gkonos who has been actively contributing to QlikCommunity over the last few months.


Sam blog post #1.jpg


Sam has been our go-to person for projects, troubleshooting and moderation. She began at QlikTech almost 5 years ago in the finance department and moved to our marketing global marketing team in 2012. Her main roles include direct assistant to the VP of Brand Marketing, working with the partner program for our global online campaigns and more recently has begun working with QlikCommunity.


She graduated from Penn State University in 2008 and is a huge Nittany Lion’s football fan (We Are!). Sam is a southwest Philly native but also loves to travel, recent trips include Sonoma, California; Scottsdale, Arizona; Portland Oregon and  Madrid, Spain.

When not in the office she is usually running, checking out the diverse Philly food scene, or singing with her adult acappella group, The Graduates.


We really appreciate Sam’s experience and contributions to the team and QlikCommunity!

We are undertaking a task to review all documents ever posted to the Resources space in QlikCommunity. The goal is to ensure that each document is filed under the appropriate category (or categories) and has meaningful tags assigned to it.  Our recent site upgrade allowed us to expand the set of categories, allowing for quicker access to dedicated areas of information. For my sins, I am currently working my way thru the App Development category, so if it suddenly seems like I'm authoring a ton of great material, fear not! I am not usurping your excellent content. Nor have I suddenly been blessed with a ton of amazing insight and information.  Its simply reflecting a few updates to categories and tags that I am making to existing content. None of the updates affects the author of each document (or shouldn't if I do it correctly).


As I am going thru this process, I again get to see just how much fantastic content our community members generate on a daily basis. It is truly awe inspiring. The depth and breadth of the materials address such a wide array of topics; it would be impossible to create this material as a single organization.  The power of the collective mind is a wonderful thing. I did want to highlight some common elements that are catching my eye (I am equipped with two eyes, but I only use one to catch, while using the other to juggle ... )


1. Please be judicious in the category assignment of 'New to QlikView'. Discussions of variables, macros, $ expansions etc are outside the realm of the typical 'Getting Started' guide.  Ensuring that these posts are in the correct categories (e.g. Development, Visualization, Integration) and tagged comprehensively, will ensure that when any newbie is looking for this content that it will be found quite easily.


2. The Resource>Document space is intended for members to share useful content with one another - tips, best practices, approaches to common problems.  Its a great place to search if you are looking for an existing document explaining how to solve or approach a particular task. But please refrain from posting questions or problems in the space.  Post questions and problems in the appropriate Discussion Forum where other members can offer advice and where you may already find a solution to your problem.


3. Please don't post existing QlikTech content or content belonging to another QlikView member. Release notes, QlikView manuals and blog posts are not appropriate to replicate or post verbatim in the Resource area as Documents. Links to said content are appropriate if these are then discussed in the context of a wider, or perhaps more detailed, thought.  E.g. you have found a collection of entries in the Discussion Forums related to Set Analysis, including a link to a solution; curating these into a single document with links to the individual posts and your own content reflecting the original problem and perhaps own experiences or approach is appropriate as a Document in QlikCommunity. Or if you wish to reference a particular section in the QlikView API Guide or a blog post on an QlikTech partner site, but further the conversation with your own thoughts, create a Document with links to the original material followed by your thoughts and insight.


Again thank you for all of the splendid content added to the QlikCommunity Resource site.

QlikCommunity is a great resource for posting questions, finding answers and collaborating with QlikView Experts. The recently upgraded platform includes more effective tools for adding and managing your friends, following their activities and sending them private messages. Here are the steps for Adding Friends, Receiving a Friend Request, Messaging and Removing Friends in QlikCommunity.

Add a Friend

A great way to get started or form collaborative partnerships in QlikCommunity is to follow top contributors, bloggers and people whose content you find interesting.

Click on that person’s name or avatar image on any QlikCommunity page to go to their Profile.

On their Profile page you can see several tabs with information about them.

  • Bio- profile image, details, points, expertise and personal biography.
  • Activity- displays feeds of their activities in areas which are public or where you are also a member with most recent at the top.
  • Content- allows you to view and sort through their content by type (document, blog post, discussion, idea etc).
  • Places- view the forums and groups where your friend is a member and/or active.
  • Bookmarks- view their bookmarks if they are set to public.
  • Reputation- view their badges, points and accomplished missions.

Click on the ‘Add as Friend’ button on the upper right hand corner.


add a friend.jpg


The button will change to ‘Awaiting Approval’ so that person can confirm if they want to add you as a friend.

Once they approve you as a friend you will receive a confirmation email and the Awaiting Approval button will change to ‘Following in 1 stream’

Adding a friend allows you:

  • Follow their activity feeds
  • Send personal messages
  • Share additional profile details


Following friend activities rob wunderlich.jpg


Receiving a Friend Request

You will receive an email notification when someone sends you a friend request. Click on the email or go to your Inbox and Activities to Reject, Accept or Ignore their request.


friend request in actions.jpg

Send a Message

Once you are friends in QlikCommunity you can send them a private message.

On their profile page click on the ‘Send a Message’ link just below their picture.

A message window will appear where you can additional recipients, add text, insert an image and @mention someone or a piece of content.


send a message picture.jpg


Removing a Friend

Occasionally you have accepted a friend request from someone who you don’t want to continue following, sharing information with or sending private messages to.

To remove a friend go to your Profile page, Friends Tab.

Locate the person you want to remove and click on the gear icon on the lower right hand side of their profile area and you can click on the ‘Remove as friend’ link.


Remove Friend.jpg


If you receive spam messages from any other members or something you consider to be inappropriate be sure to forward the communication to me sara.leslie@qlik.com so I can research the member and take any appropriate action. We hope you find these and other new functionalities useful.

The bookmarks functionality has changed a bit. Here are quick steps to Bookmark and access all of your favorite QlikCommunity content.


Go to a specific piece of content such as a Discussion Thread, Document or Blog Post


On the upper right hand side of the screen you will see ways to interact with the content (Follow / Share / Bookmark / Like)


Click on the Bookmark link and the Icon will turn red to confirm


bookmarked blog image.jpg


Click on the small cascading menu arrow if you want to edit or remove your Bookmark


bookmark blog image add bookmark.jpg


In Edit mode you have the option to Add Notes, @Mention, Tag and make Private.


bookmark pop up window.jpg


To access your Bookmarks go to your Profile

bookmark click on your profile.jpg


From your profile page select the Bookmarks tab


Here you can View and Edit your Bookmarks

bookmarks tab on profile.jpg


We hope you find this tip useful.

Welcome to the upgraded QlikCommunity. Thank you for your patience while we were offline making updates this weekend. During your next few visits take some time to check out the new navigation and functionality.


There are quite a few platform updates but I wanted to highlight some important ones for you.


You will now find your User Profile links on the right hand side of the page.

Here you can:

  • See and update your Personal Settings.
  • Click on your current points displayed on any community page to see your Reputation which includes details on your points and available Missions in QlikCommunity. Missions are new in QlikCommunity and a great way to learn more about community functionality and differentiate your expertise while earning points. If you click on ‘More’ you can learn more about your available missions.


blog post #2 imageA.png


You will find the navigation bar has been simplified- you can go directly to Content, People or places within the community.

On the QlikCommunity main index page you will see a few updates including:

  • New Resources area which contains all of the QlikCommunity Documents and QlikView Applications.
  • New Ideas area where you can submit or vote on various Ideas.
  • Blogs index page


blog post 2 image B.png

I will be posting additional tips and highlights over coming weeks but please feel free to post your questions, feedback or comments.

Best Regards

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