Over the last couple of months QlikCommunity has been battling Spam. Over the last week these people have increased the posts enormously and we are taking steps to eradicate the situation. Today’s spammers use a variety of tactics to post inappropriate content in our forums. Many of you have opted-in to email updates in your favorite community areas and around certain topics.


We have stepped up our moderation and tracking processes inorder to keep spam out of our community and from clogging your email accounts.Most of your posts will continue to go live quickly as usual, but some content may be a bit slower going through our review and moderation. If you have received spam emails from our community we apologize and hope to get this fixed quickly.


You can also help. If you see a Spam post please Flag it! This will help remove unwanted content from clogging our forums and tag clouds.


You can report abusive and spam posts by clicking on Report Abuse on either way indicated below: 


  • Actions Menu on right hand side of the menu
  • Bottom of the content or thread post


We appreciate your continued participation and patience as we deal with this situation.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback on this topic.

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