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This month our team attended the JiveWorld 11 conference in Las Vegas. We were able to participate in workshops and roundtables with other Community Managers and Social Media strategists. Essentially we were at a conference full of people who really like what they do and love to share ideas. It’s amazing how many different industries use communities to improve their business. Among the more interesting communities I learned about are:


  • Mattel who has a private ideation community for toy development- including Barbie!
  • Rapid7 has done a great job integrating the communities feeds and content throughout their website. 
  • Intel is now using Jive for their PR Newsroom which allows for better tagging and integration with their whole online presence.


I thought I would share some of my personal highlights from the conference that show trends, what’s new and where we all keep working to improve.


  • Successful roll-out of Ideation and integration of results into your organization
  • Recognition and promotion of your Most Valuable Participants
  • Customizing HTML for better usability on pages
  • How to align your communities and social media posts more closely
  • Less is more! Keep your content simple and easy for users


Jive is one of the top online community platforms and our QlikCommunity has been leveraging their technology since our migration in May of this year. We were happy to be one of the highlighted communities at JiveWorld11 for our efficient design elements and our positive member sentiment. Several community managers approached us and mentioned that the QlikCommunity has great activity and that they like our translator button which is really great for our non-english speaking contributors.




We have received some great feedback from you and are always working to stay current on trends, ideas and technology. Keep a look out for upcoming polls, programs and continued innovation with our pages and use of content.


Are you a member of another community who you think does a really good job making it work?

Please comment on this blog post and share the link to other online communities with your observations.

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