One of the most important parts of our QlikCommunity is the feedback and suggestions we receive from our 60,000+ members on how we can make QlikView faster, easier and more powerful. In the past, we have collected this feedback in a number of ways, including a feature request form, emails and an IdeaExchange hosted in our Customer and Partner Portals. While we received tons of great ideas that made their way into our products, the management, publication and access to the process isn’t as easy as we would like…so this week we are rolling out QlikCommunity Ideas!


QlikCommunity Ideas is an open forum where our members can submit ideas to enhance our products and vote for (or against) ideas submitted by other members. Ideas will be actively managed by our Product Management team, including commenting on and updating the status of ideas submitted.  Below is a quick video introduction to QlikCommunity Ideas:




A couple of notes about the launch:


  • All new ideas will be moderated by our Product Management team in accordance with the Ideas Terms of Use.
  • We are migrating all of the ideas that we received in the Customer and Partner Portals over the past couple of years, along with votes and comments.
  • The formatting of some of the migrated ideas may look strange, but they will be fixed over the next couple of weeks as we finish migrating all of the content.


We are looking forward interacting with our community around all of your great feedback and suggestions for QlikView to cement its status as the best Business Discovery tool on the market!