Hey everyone! We are only a month away from celebrating two years since the new QlikCommunity site went live...and what a two years it has been! We now have a great cadre of QlikView experts answering questions, sharing tips & tricks, and helping new QlikView users get started.

We have been listening to your requests for improvements and new functionality, and we are proud to announce that we are moving to a new platform that will deliver on all the top requested features! We have been working for a couple of months behind the scenes, and we are getting the new system ready for testing very soon. Some of the most requested (and soon to be delivered) features are:

  • Improved Search: Searching the wealth of information already on QlikCommunity is vitally important to you, and this was #1 on our list of priorities. The new search engine allows for a number of filters, search operators and options for finding exactly what you're looking for (screenshot).
  • Better Organization of Your Content: You wanted to easily track all of the discussions that you started or participated in across the site for easy reference. The new "Your Stuff" tab allows to quickly find your content to follow up with new questions or reference old answers you've received (screenshot).
  • Easier to Participate: QlikView developers are busy, and with this new platform, you can now reply to discussion threads by email, allowing you to participate anywhere, from your desktop to your mobile device.
  • Ideas Exchange: The QlikView Product Ideas Exchange will now be hosted on QlikCommunity, allowing you to create and vote on ideas that you would like to see in future QlikView versions.

One more important note: All QlikCommunity content will be migrated to the new site! Our members have created a great repository of information over the last few years, and we will be moving over all content (including attachments) to the new site.

You will begin to see some notices about the move over the next couple of weeks, and we will announce the launch of the new site as soon as testing is completed. We are extremely excited about this update, and we know you will be too!



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