We've received a number of requests from our members for an improved site search function, and today we are happy to present our new Google-powered site search for QlikCommunity.

As the amount of content in our community continues to increase, the ability to find the correct answer to a problem, a best practice or simply some more information on a certain topic becomes increasingly important to a great experience (along with preventing frustrating duplication of questions and content). Now that our community has grown past 30,000 members and over 50,000 forum posts, the search feature of our site has become less effective. The new site search offers a number of benefits to our site:

  • Easier to find search box: The community-specific search box is now located at the top of the content window, rather than at the top part of the navigation area, which confused some users. (See the screenshot to the right)
  • Google user experience: The search engine is powered by Google, so you can use all of the operators and syntax you're used to using with Google to find just the right answer to your question. Check out this page for Google search tips and tricks (more advanced here).
  • Better results: Google's indexing engine is arguably the best in the world, so you will instantly see a drop in the number of duplicate posts, posts with lots of pageviews and responses will be more prominent in the results. Combine that with the tips mentioned above, and finding an answer in our 50,000 forum posts is going to be much easier!

A quick note to our members: The best way to avoid duplicate posts and irrelevant answers is to be as descriptive as possible with your subject lines and tags. Please don't post a thread with the title "Set Analysis Help", as this has been used 20+ times and is not an indicator of the problem you're having. You will also find that community members are more willing to answer your post if you are descriptive!

The original search engine will still be used on a couple of areas of the site, but the majority of the site will be powered by Google search starting today.

Thank you for all of your feedback, and for letting us know how we can serve you better. Thanks for reading and for participating in the QlikCommunity!