NOTE: Files that work with QlikView Personal Edition will have the following in their description:

***This application is Personal Edition compatible. ***

If you do not see this text, then the file is NOT compatible and will consume one of your four recovery attempts should you try to use it. We are adding PE Compatible files on a rolling basis.

One of the best ways to learn about the capabilities of QlikView is through tutorial files, which provide helpful hints like expression examples, code blocks and design advice. In addition to the QlikView tutorials installed with the software, the Share QlikViews section of QlikCommunity hosts over 100 sample QlikView applications that have helped our members learn about new, different and even fun uses of QlikView.

With QlikTech's recent release of QlikView 9 and the advent of the Personal Edition, there is now a new crop of QlikView users joining our community: developers that have an unlimited amount of time to learn, test and create QlikView applications. The one limitation of QlikView Personal Edition is the ability to open QlikView files created by others, which until now prevented these users from downloading and learning from the files in the Share QlikViews section.

Starting today, we are going to enable QlikView Personal Edition users to download and use files uploaded by our Community to enhance their QlikView skills and knowledge. This will change a couple of processes on the site, but the day-to-day impact will be minimal. These changes include:

Establishing general guidelines for Share QlikViews files

We greatly appreciate all of the uploads to the Share QlikViews section over the past few months; our library of files now exceeds 100 files that have been downloaded more than 20,000 times! In order to keep the section as useful and easy-to-navigate as possible, we are going to establish a couple of guidelines for uploads to the Share QlikViews section:

  • Safe - virus-free, no unsafe macros, functioning load script and data model
  • Educational - demonstrates a difficult or complex QlikView functionality (Set Analysis, Google Maps, load script tips and tricks)
  • Useful - serves as a functional QlikView application for day-to-day, personal use (bank account application, contact manager)
  • Fun - using public datasets to create cool QlikView applications (World Cup, Tour de France, World of Warcraft)

These guidelines are not exhaustive; each file will be reviewed, and if there is any problem, we will contact the author of the file to get it resolved.

All files uploaded to Share QlikViews will be moderated and modified for QVPE before being published

All members, including Personal Edition users, can upload apps to the site, and they will be reviewed per the preceding guidelines. Once approved, we will apply a Universal License Key to the file that will allow it to work with Personal Edition.

Existing Share QlikViews files will be modified to work with Personal Edition

We will begin adding the key to popular files already in the Share QlikViews section, and will denote the files by adding a "Personal Edition Compatible" tag and headline to each file's description. This process will happen over the next several weeks.

Thank you again to all of our members that have contributed files up to this point, and we hope that the new Personal Edition audience will encourage more of you to participate!