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Before I go into this first blog post, I'd like to say two things: WOW!...and THANK YOU! I say them because your response to our redesigned QlikCommunity has been astounding! Over 8,400 of you have logged in to the new site over the past four months, which has already surpassed the number of members that visited the Community over the last 3 1/2 years! And new members continue to join at the average rate of 79 users per day!


(click the chart image to see it in full size, and yes, feel free to debate me on bar v. line for this application!)

Alright, I'll try to calm down with all of the exclamation points. (!)??

I'd like to provide you with a brief introduction to me and what to expect from this blog in the near future.

Who the heck is this guy?

My name is Jason Long, and I've been working for QlikTech for a little over a year now. I serve as our company's Community Manager, and I oversee the QlikCommunity and our social media presence (including our Twitter and Facebook accounts), as well as play a role in other marketing and online activities. I am the primary point of contact for any issues with the site, as well as any suggestions, comments or questions you may have.

So, what will be covered in this blog? Why should I read?

  • System features and how-to's: QlikCommunity is built on an extremely robust platform, and we will continue to develop it to meet our community's ever evolving needs. That being said, the different areas of the site offer tons of functionality (which can be confusing at first!), and I'll be explaining the best way to use these tools to get your work done and enjoy the experience.
  • Community highlights: We really enjoy having QlikCommunity members drop by the site often, but we understand that QlikView users are really busy (getting things done rather than waiting for IT!) and sometimes don't have time to check in as often as they'd like. I will use this blog to highlight great blog posts, interesting discussions and cool QlikView files posted to the community.
  • Member highlights/community events/etc.: As our community grows, I'll begin to cover other things like highlighting our members, passing along relevant information about QlikTech, fun QlikView-related stuff, and anything else the community will find interesting!

Thanks again for your participation in the QlikCommunity and for taking the time to read this blog! Be on the lookout for my next post about the new features we've recently added; it should be out early next week.


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