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Calling VBScript macro from loadscript

Arvind Mahapatar

Hello All,


I have created macro in Edit Module using VBScript.


Now I want to call the same macro from EditScript.

Is this possible and if yes how?

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    Matan Alon

    Try this example:


    the script:



    load *,test(F1) as F2 resident T;

    drop table T


    the vbs  (macro):



    function test (x)




    end function

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      Arvind Mahapatar

      Hello Matan,

      Thanks for you reply.


      I tried above script. It gives error

      Error in expression:

      TEST is not a valid function



      load *,test(F1) as F2 resident T


      See I will explain u d functionality i need to achieve.

      Basically after the qvw file gets reloaded, its PDF is to be created automatically for which i have written macro. I have set the action Run Macro on trigger OnPostReload and this works fine when I run the report on qlikview developer.

      But when the same report is reloaded through qlikview server it does not fire the trigger after completion of reload.

      I have also done the settings on server to allow macro execution. On qlikview community i found one more setting by pressing Ctrl+shift+m. I have also done that.

      In spite of all these things macro is not getting executed on server. So i was trying if macros can be executed through edit script. I am using Qlikview 11.00 SR1 version and I dont have publisher.

      Let me know if I have to do any other settings or anything else is required.

      Please help on this matter  ASAP. Its really very urgent.

      Thank u in advance.