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alert for scatter chart


hai everyone, and a challenging question to all qlikview experts...

i having scatter chart in my file, in that all defects are placed in it. see below img

now my requirement is placing an "alert" for more defects (i.e; sum(numofdefects) is gretethan 5) then it should an alert message every time when cusor is moved on image spots.

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  • alert for scatter chart
    Karl Pover

    I don't think it would be a good idea to force the user to put his mouse over each point to see if the defect is greater than 5. A scatterplot is used to see general patterns, so I would use a bar chart see all defects greater than 5 for specific categories in a easy way. Also in the scatterplot, I would color every dot a light color on a white background except for the dots with a defect greater than 5. I would make those dots stand out with an intense color.