Emily J
Hello Experts,   I need to under stand the SET expression if any one help me for this   Sum( {$< Date = {' $( =DATE(MAX(Date)))' }>} [Accno Count] )   what is mean for $ and ' ' cotation mark  i…
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Krzysztof Magusiak
Hello,   Is there an example of sending an EDX using a simple script?   For example, some code that sends an HTTP SOAP request to the server and triggers an EDX task. We use powershell at our…
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Ram Asokan
Hi folks,   Is it in anyways possible to map a calculated expression to an external table?   For e.g., what am trying to do is, after calculating the no. of days a user has used a service, for…
in Scripting
Ravi Gupta
Hi,   Please help on below question:   Test: LOAD * INLINE [F1, F2, SALES A, X, 4 A, Y, 2 A, X, 2 B, Y, 3];   OutPut Required: F1, Sales A,6 B,3   Please exclude  A, Y, 2 in Test Table.   Regards Ravi…
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Trevor Roth
I found yesterday that when using the dual function with differing text values and identical numeric values you get some interesting behavior:   // text values are different, numeric are same Data:…
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Page 162 - How do I remove the unnecessary stuff from my chart below ?  
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Josh Flora
Hi, I am having some trouble including a variable in a bookmark.   I have a set of ticket data, with date fields.  I want the bookmark, which will have other selections I'll specify to create the…
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Christiani Lee-Warner
Hi, I have a request to build a dashboard to show rotating customer comments. We have a survey that goes out to our customers asking how their experience was dealing with our company and their…
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Peter Stivala
Hey all,   I am currently creating a Gantt chart to display multiple Stage gates (G0,G1,G2,G3,G4,Finish). I essentially am trying to make a separate bar chart for each stage. These fields…
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Glenn Kelly
I have a table of times for a journey and I want to calculate the frequency between stops A & B between Town and City along wit a few assocaited summary totals   The spreadsheet attached shows the…
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Hey all,   I need help with a formula.  I don't know if I'm just not understanding set analyis but I'm trying to get a Total Count (not distinct) of Activity Dates by Year.  Here's my formula:  …
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