Wats wrong with the below syntax, I want to use If and  Name l beginning from A90 or D90 or P90. But below script doesnt work.   AutoNumberHash128(IF([Name] like 'A90*', IF([Name] like…
in App Development
Thomas Schmitz
Hallo zusammen,   ich habe eine kurze Verständnisfrage. Warum sollte man über eine Schlüsselfeld keine Auswertung machen?   VIele Grüße...
in Creating Analytics
Hi All,   Can any one please let me know how it is possible, and what it the logic in it? mod( -4,3 ) returns 2   Thanks John
in App Development
Hi,   Can anyone, please, provide feedback about the cause of the error message, "Error: Garbage after expression...". The message appears in the text object placed on dashboard. I have attached the…
in New to QlikView
I have below expression in one of the chart as the first expression.   SUM({<Period = {'>$(=date($(vMaxDate)-$(vSelectDate))) <=$(=date($(vMaxDate)))'}>} Sales) / SUM({<Period =…
in App Development
i m having a pivot table issue since four days.   in this  the Performance is not showing correctly please make a look .
in Education Services
Dear all, I hope somebody can put me on the right track. The following script works fine and loads the entire table MYTABLE   TABLE1: load *..... FROM MYTABLE.qvd (qvd) WHERE  ISNULL(FIELD1);  …
in New to QlikView
Konrad Krasuski
Hello, I'm preparing a chart with monthly sales per salesman for one desired year. I have a xls table with invoice lists from 2013 and 2014 like this: Date of sales | Salesman | Amount |…
in Scripting
Kiru Subra
Hello Friends,   My application got automatically versioned as version1_of application name, version2_of application name...,etc..,whenever I save the application, I am not sure exactly which is…
in App Development
Ama Domevscek
I have graphic with Month number on X-as.   I sort on Month number, but want to present Month Name. How can i do this?
in Deployment
Gina Umipig
Why is there a quarantine period where the user license is not released for 24 hours!  This greatly limit the use of this tool.  What purpose does this quarantine period serve? If we have 5 users…
in Deployment
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