Name: Ralf Becher
Title: Qlik Luminary and Principal BI/Big Data Consultant
Location: Leipzig, Germany
Join Date: 4/1/2009
Biography: Started with software development in 1989.
Getting a freelancer in 1999. Working mainly in the fields of data management, data warehousing/business intelligence and data quality management.
Founded the leading German Data Quality Consulting company TIQ Solutions in 2004.
Now starting new ventures under
Expertise: Working with QlikView since 2006. Besides the typical business discovery and analytics tasks we're using QlikView for data quality profiling in data quality assessments, data cleansing/enrichment and data quality scorecards.
At the moment we're developing connectivity and extension solutions for Big Data integration with QlikView.

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Other details

Tags: connector mongodb extensions qvx json twitter tiqview profiling openstreetmaps data_quality sentival sentiment_analysis jdbc hadoop hive couchdb csvjdbc derby javadb infobright splunk bigdata nosql graph_data neo4j cloudera impala hive2 qvdconverter gibson_sg lxq qliketeer