Markus König
We are using QlikView 11.20 SR 2 and if we turn on the the WebView, we get this error messages:   If you click yes or no you get the next error message:
in App Development
Uday Kumar
Hi,   We are facing an issue "Lost connection to server..... Reconnecting" in our staging and production server, but the same file works fine in dev. It is happening for all the files. So we…
in QlikView Publisher
Sara N
I have used extensions objects before. However, I had to upgrade to a 64-bit system recently after which i installed a 64bit version of Qlikview 11.2. the extension objects did not work in this…
in Layout & Visualizations
kim inyoung
Hi.   A few days ago, QlikView Webserver Service is not running.   I am getting the following error box: 'The QlikView Webserver service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services…
in Expressor Desktop & Server
Hi,   I want to send an email notification to my gmail account using QV publisher once the reload task is completed.   BR, Anta
in QlikView Publisher
hi aLL,   After deploayment scroll in  qlikview dashboard is not working.Please suggest asap.   Qlikview version -11.20   Thank yoou Regards, Prajna
in App Development
Balraj Ahlawat
Hello Experts,   Can anybody suggest what is the syntax error in following code:     Code:   sub ExcelPath     dim Path Path="C:\" MsgBox "Path Assigned" call ExportChart     end sub     Sub…
in New to QlikView
Rohan Dhavle
I am running one QLikview file on QMC. The log file doesnt show any error but still task gets failed. Why is that?
in New to QlikView
Rajendra Nagargoje
Hi,   I am facing some problems with task scheduling and triggering. few day back I have schedule the task in QMC and after some day I have disabled and removed the task. Now it is still…
in QlikView Publisher
Wanki Jeon
Hi experts,   When installing a QV server , the server checks the license thru the  internet ? Currently I am trying to install a server without internet. Is it possible ?   Thanks,   WanKi,
in App Development
Dave Howland
Hi Everyone, I have a script I've created that does loading operations...for the most part loading data from the database (through ODBC) and putting it into QVD files. Quite often I see QV simply…
in Scripting
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