Sundarakumar Kalaimani
Hi All, I would like to count the number of times a chart was exported to excel, by user from Access point. Can anyone help me with a solution for this requirement?   Regards, Sundar
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John Smith
Hi All,   I have a requirement where i need to integrate the google map into my application. we can use either SVG or GoogleMap.qar's (SVG mostly prefered). world countries should be plotted and…
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kailash kudipudi
Hello,   I have an expression in Straight table which is appended with some text value   Example:  ' A :' & Sum(Sales) & chr(10) & Sales%   I am trying to sort my Straight table based on the…
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Nikhil Garg
Hey, If we use floor(2.6), it will give the lower value i.e.2.0 But, i dont understand following result:   floor( 3.88 , 0.1 ) returns 3.8 floor( 3.88 , 5 ) returns 0 floor( 1.1 , 1 , 0.5 )…
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Hi-Can someone please help me on this? I need to remove multiple special characters from a string field.Example   a#riz'ona! &vir$gin-ia *flori&da1@   Result should be arizona virginia florida…
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deepak tibhe
Hello All,   Please find attached data model from etl side. "I have four fact tables 1  Row_indicator_by_country_F 2  Row_indicator_by_Location_F 3  Row_indicator_by_Region_F 4 …
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Paul Walker
HI All,   i have one expression.. like   sum(countid) / sum(total NoAmount)   Percentage wise it should be 100 % right ??   but i am getting above 100 % value..   Please can anyone help me…
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Marius Larsen
Hi,   How can i change the date format in the pivot table? Now it shows dd,mm.yyyy. How can i change it to
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Tamil Nagaraj
Hi,   I have two tables and one is source data and another one is revised. I want to replace the source data with the revised data. Can any one suggest me a data model for this scenario.    …
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shaila tyagi
Hi,   I want to know, what benefits we have if we login with licensed userId/Password? what more information we can get with licensed login?     Please explain me.   Thanks,
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Is there a way to pivot in your script? I have the below:             ID      Name                Group                Address            1      John                NewYork                100…
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