Ali Hijazi
Dears I'm working on Qlikview 11.2 SR5 QlikView server has publisher installed I already created tasks on the documents that we have Now it was decided to change the path of the source document…
in Deployment
Klaus Feldam
I am losing connectivity from QlikView Desktop Client (11.00.11282.0 SR1) to my server while making QVW design changes. No warning, just 'Server communication lost, closing document' a dialog box…
in App Development
Tharindu Dinuwan
Dear All, How can I get the names or NTIDs of current users in qlikview server. (The user are open any qlikview document at the moment and the which document they are using now?)   Thanx in…
in Deployment
Alex Afanasjev
Hello! I have a problem,  I try to assign document call to user, but message 'no user calls for your account' still appears. I have 2 allocated licences, I checked option "allow dynamic cal…
in License & User Management
Hello everyone,   I'm trying to lease a license. I am going to work in a test environment (I don't know if that changes something but I prefer to mention it).   In the console management, I'm…
in License & User Management
Daniel Koschalka
Hello   Apologies if this has already been asked and answered elsewhere.   We have recently upgraded to Windows 7, and since we did, some users have started experiencing problems with their IE…
in Deployment
Hanumanth Reddy
Hi ,   I am new to the QlikView.........   Please can you any one help me how to create circular reference and give me a small example.........       Regards, Hanumanth Reddy.Y
in New to QlikView
Dear friends,   Help me on the issue if you have any soluation   thanks, vinodh
in Management
Sivaraj Seeman
Hi, I have qvw and have post reload action which sends email. when running through the publisher the macro is not working. I saw few posts which clearly saying macros wont run through publisher. I…
in QlikView Publisher
Barry Harmsen
This is probably a long shot, but who knows. I'm deploying QlikView in a DMZ environment. We're using IIS as the webserver and have deployed only the "QlikView Settings Service" on the DMZ server.…
in Deployment
Hi All, Anyone know how to configure the mail settings for using gmail smtp? I configure the mail server settings in User Preference -> Mail. I tried all the authentication method, but it doesn't…
in App Development
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