Brian Munz
More and more, blog posts, news articles, and various other online media are incorporating data visualization.  A well placed chart or graph can drive home the point of the story being told.  While…
Alexander Karlsson
Sometimes you want QlikView to open with a specific set of selections, apply a bookmark or perhaps even deep link to a specific sheet. A typical use case could be to embed an entire app or a single…
Gabriela Morales
Hello,   I have a quite complex script I'm running on QlikSense and I noticed that it takes longer to reload (almost three times more) than in QlikView, I'm reloading both on the same machine. In…
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Karin Berglund
Can I use a URL-link like '' in Qlik Sense desktop without Server ? Is it possible creating an extension  or use the image / text object ? Thanks! /Karin
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Fredrik Wikberg
Hi   I cant find where I create and manage variables when I create analytics in Qlik Sense? I cant find where. Thanks for any reply.   //Fredrik
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Arturo Muñoz
One of the topics we always cover in our data visualization training courses is the font family selection within your app. With the increasing number of devices and platforms accessing to your…
Michael Laenen
Hi, I got in touch with some customers since QSD release. One question that comes often is : "with Sense , will I have to install the Desktop for all users or not. I expected everything will be…
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Oleg Berfirer
New to Qlik and just downloaded the app, and trying to see if I can connect to SF. There is no standard driver available as far as I can see. Do I need to install a third-party connector? Which? Is…
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Fernando Keuroglian
Hi Experts!   I would like to know if macros and vbscript api would be in the future at qliksense? or there would be another api that we can use     thank you a lot   Fernando
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Ralph Graham
Hello,   Does anyone know if it is possible to have a split Y-Axis in a Combo Chart in Sense? So on the right hand side would be, for example, the total revenue and the right hand side would be…
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carlos pereira
Hi, How can I delete an app ?
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