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Histrogram colors


Hi Qlikcommunity,


I am trying to represent a Mysql table as an histogram in qlikview.

The table has many columns but i am focusing on 3 of them:

- costs

- units

- risk level


In my qlikview document , I have the 2 dimensions:

- unit(CODEU)

- risk level(RISKREVSTAT)


I am also using a   sum() function on a specific column of the table (for example costs).

"Risk level" is another column of the same table


My purpose is to do a stack histogram to represent the costs(sum of the costs) according to the risk level respecting specific color rules:



To summarize,  i want qlilview to do:

- the sum by dimension unit of all rows having risk level=low, risk level=medium,.....

- display the color stacks using specific color rules(low=GREEN, high=RED, medium=YELLOW, empty=GREY)


I hope i have been clear in my exmplanation, thank you in advance for your help