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Unavailable fields.



Im just beginning with qvd but there is one problem as i reload some my fields and are unavailable.  could someone please explain to me why this is as such?

  • Unavailable fields.
    Jagan Nalla

    Please check whether your qvd file is created properly with data or not. While selecting qvd file from qvw file -> edit script it will pop up File Wizard: Check whether your fields are existing or not.

    • Unavailable fields.

      Jagan here is a sample of a table i tried to QVD so i just would like to know if its correct. Because it still seems to reload unavailable fields.



      LOAD @1 as BranchNo,

           @2 as TransactionDate,

           (Date(Date#(@2,'YYYYMMDD'),'DD/MM/YYYY')) as %_DateKey,

           @3 as MemberNo,

           @4 as Reference,

           @5 as Line,

           @6 as StockCode,

           @7 as BarCode,

           @8 as Nappicode,

           @9 as Department,

           @10 as Description,

           @11 as Bin,

           @12 as Quantity,

           @13 as Sales,

           @14 as LineValue,

           @15 as PointsPeriodNo14,

           @16 as PromoPoints,

           @17 as Sponsor,

           @18 as PointsType,

           @19 as PointsValue,

           @20 as PromoFactor,

           @21 as PromoPointType,

           @22 as PromoPointValue,

           @23 as NetItem,

           @24 as CardCode,

           @25 as Comment



      (txt, codepage is 1252, no labels, delimiter is ',', msq);



      store LOYTRYN into C:\QVD'S\LOYTRN_Durbell.CSV.qvd(qvd)