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Newbie: vlookup between 2 tables on loadscript


I'm a little new at this and I've trolled the boards for a way to understand this, but I don't get it.  So thanks for any help.


In my load script, I'm going to load two xls sheets.  Table 1 will be a list of charges.  Each charge has a cost code.

in this example, Field 1 is a charge amount, and field2 is a cost code amount.


Tables 2 will be a list of the codes.

FieldA of this table will be the codes, FieldB will be some description of that code for example.


I want to add a field to Table 1 that contains the descriptors of the cost codes.



I looked into using "lookup" but that only works works for fields in the same table. 



H Aliyev