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QV10SR4 & IIS - Unable to open QMC

ssha 324



I am currently installing QV10SR4 with IIS configuration. I have followed all the steps mentioned in the Server reference manual.

However, after successfull installation, when I try logging to the Management Console with the domain credentials, I get a message saying "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". I have the below set up

OS - Windows Server 2008

Qlikview 10 SR4

Microsoft IIS7.

Also, I am using a new webiste to host QV and not the default website.


Am I missing anything.


Please help.

  • QV10SR4 & IIS - Unable to open QMC
    Richard De Gruchy

    Hi sandeepsg


    I had a similar problem and it realted to the version of .NET Framework on the server.  You need to have .NET Framework 3.51 as a minimum.  It all depends on the version of Windows Server.  I think this is not the case on Windows Server 2008 SR1 but SR2 ships with 3.5.1 already installed.


    Check your .NET Framework version.  If you have v3.0, you need to uninstall QV server, upgrade to v3.5.1 and then reinstall QV server.